Tourist Information Center Partnership Project

The Museum Infocenter project is aimed at popularizing, creating competitive content and increasing attendance of Russian regional museums that are included or have the potential to be included in the National Cultural and Educational Museum Routes. The main emphasis of the project is on foreign countries. The project goal is to increase attendance at Russian museums by promoting and popularizing museum heritage on the tourist market, among the professional tourism community and foreign citizens.

  1. Increase in the number of visitors to museums;

  2. Direct interaction with the tourist market and tourist information centers;
  3. Direct communication with visitors
  4. Using modern solutions that can increase extra-budgetary revenues;
What museums is this project for?
  • For public, private small and large museums
  • For museums that want to get more visitors
  • For museums that want to establish links with foreign colleagues
  • For museums that are looking for new channels to disseminate information about their collections