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Museum complex of military and civil equipment of the Ural mining and metallurgical company


Sverdlovsk Oblast
Sverdlovsk region, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Alexander Kozitsyn street, 2
Phones: +7 (34368) 4-67-84
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We invite you to an exciting journey, during which you will be able to get acquainted with the unique achievements of engineering.The Museum complex of the Ural mining and metallurgical company is one of the largest military-historical sites in the world. In addition to domestic equipment, it presents the largest collection of allied equipment in Russia. Just imagine, two football fields of armored vehicles, aircraft and other equipment in an open area and three floors of a Museum exhibition.


The Museum complex of the Ural mining and metallurgical company is one of the world's largest museums of military and automotive equipment and history. Currently, the Museum complex includes three exhibition centers and an open exhibition area.
For 10 years, the collection of the Museum of military equipment has collected more than 1000 units of military equipment, unique collections of domestic awards, military regalia, mass-dimensional models of firearms, as well as uniforms, equipment, insignia of the Russian armed forces from the XVIII century to the present day.
Today, the exposition of the open area of the Museum occupies more than 8 hectares, and the area of the exhibition center, including an interactive classroom, is more than 7,000 m2.
The Museum of military equipment has a unique exhibition dedicated to the feat of railway workers during the great Patriotic war. Located on an area of more than 2 hectares, the exhibition is a full-size model of the Uzlovaya station, recreated from a photo taken in 1943.
The Museum has many truly unique exhibits. Among them are a 152-mm howitzer mod. 1909, a 203-mm howitzer B-4, light tanks MS-1 and T-26 in a two-turret version, etc. The exposition of the Museum is closely connected with the history of the region, since many tanks and guns are made at the Ural factories – in Sverdlovsk, Perm, Chelyabinsk.
The Museum of automotive technology of UMMC "XX century AUTO" is the largest collection of retro cars, motorcycles and bicycles in Russia. The 4-storey building on an area of 12 thousand sq. m. presents the 130-year history of road transport in our country and the world.
The first floor is dedicated to cars of the late XIX-early XX century: visitors are greeted by a replica of the very first car created by Karl Benz. Exposition of the first floor includes a variety of machines, from tiny light voiturettes, as they were then called small cars, to luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP “Silver Ghost” model that created the reputation and laid the tradition of the legendary English brand, Delaunay-Belleville cars of this brand occupied an important place in the garage of Tsar Nicholas II.
The second and third floors of the Museum are devoted to the history of the domestic automobile industry, starting with the first large-scale cars of the Gorky automobile plant in the early 1930s and up to the end of the XX century, including small-scale and experimental models. In 4 zones, there are vehicles that served the leadership of the USSR from the 1930s to the early 1990s, including armored cars of top officials of the state, escort vehicles of various modifications and motorcycles of government escort, for example, the all-wheel drive Phaeton ZIS-110P was created in a single copy in 1956 for N. S. Khrushchev. The fourth floor exhibition is dedicated to motorcycles and sports equipment, including the legendary Harley-Davidson and Indian, the first production motorcycle with a 4-cylinder FN Four engine and other models.
Parade calculation is a new exhibition center as part of the UMMC Museum complex. In the exposition of the Parade crew, there are running samples of military equipment of the period of the 1930s and 40s, which annually take part in solemn processions in Verkhnyaya Pyshma in honor of Victory Day. The exhibition also includes equipment that participated in the November 1941 parade and pre-war parades: trucks, various modifications of armored vehicles, the legendary t-34-76, T-35, KV-1 tanks, etc., and equipment used in the Victory parade on June 24, 1945 and T-34-85 tanks, SELF-propelled su-76, ISU-152, as well as various samples of wheeled vehicles, artillery.

Interesting Facts

In all exhibition centers of the Museum complex, the guest Card of Yekaterinburg is valid.

Interactive program for visitors at additional cost.on request: driving a retro car, laser shooting range, game 5D simulator: tank battle, space game, tank simulator: training on the simulator and virtual tank battle, attending an interactive lesson.