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Scale model museum "Petrovskaya Akvatoria"

Start your acquaintance with St. Petersburg from visiting scale model museum «Petrovskaya Akvatoria»!

«Petrovskaya Akvatoria» - is the first large historical scale model in Russia at a scale of 1 in 87, 500 square meters in area, opened in September, 2014. Permanent exhibition represents reconstruction of the most significant sights of St. Petersburg and suburbs, related to the city and Russian fleet origin, from Peter the Great’s till Catherine the Great’s era, recreated according to engravings and archive sources.
Unusual format of the museum – scale model – makes it possible to get a bird’s eye view of St. Petersburg.
You may rent binoculars and audio guide.

Visiting scale model «Petrovskaya Akvatoria» will become one of the most vivid impressions from the trip to St. Petersburg and you will remember it for a long time!