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Museum "Grand Maket Russia"

The Museum "Grand Maket Russia" was opened on June 8, 2012.
The museum presents a colossal working layout that artistically conveys the collective image of Russia-from Kaliningrad to the Far East.
The layout area is 800 square meters, which today makes it the largest in Russia. Dozens of various specialists worked on its creation around the clock for five years.
On the layout field, collective images of various cities and regions are transmitted, in genre scenes virtually all types of human activity are displayed, and all seasons are represented. The quality of the performance and the detail with which all the scenes are executed are surprising and striking. Tens of thousands of tiny figurines, playgrounds, schools, hospitals, cinemas, markets, railway platforms, residential areas of cities and cottage villages, noisy streets and quiet courtyards, vegetable gardens and parking lots-you can not list everything!