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National Museum of Rocket and Space Technology

Exhibition on the creation and testing of spacecraft
Peresvet is a small town in the woods located a hundred kilometers from Moscow. Near the town, in a deep ravine, there are numerous stands for spacecraft and rocket engine testing. The slogan of the testing center is: “We teach rockets to fly!” How this was done is the narrative of this museum, created in 2007 in a former hotel where the Founding Fathers of cosmonautics, headed by Sergey Korolev, used to stay when they came for the tests. This story is illustrated with models and authentic equipment, as well as fragments that survived the tests and much more.

The museum's display describes the bench tests of rocket technology and thermal vacuum tests of spacecraft, along with the contribution of the test center to space exploration. This museum is recommended for those who are already familiar with cosmonautics: non-qualified guests may find much of the display incomprehensible.


Moscow Oblast
9 Gagarina Str., Peresvet, Moscow Region
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models and fragments of the vacuum testing complex – a huge building that creates conditions similar to those of outer space: a deep vacuum and the directed light of thousands of lamps with the enough total power to light an entire town.

How to get

from Moscow to Sergiyev Posad, then by bus or minibus No. 23 to a stop at the Technical School.