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Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve


Vladimir Oblast
Bolshaya Moskovskaya str., 43 Vladimir
Phones: +7 (4922) 32-25-15
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See masterpieces of Russian architecture from different periods, including the wooden architecture of Ancient Russia; visit the famous crystal Museum and other interesting exhibitions.


Visitors can see unique architectural monuments, most of which date back to the times of Ancient Russia (XII — early XVIII centuries). These are Church and civil buildings, stone and wooden buildings, individual buildings and architectural complexes. There are also buildings of the late XVIII-early XX centuries.

The most valuable monuments and ensembles of white stone architecture of the XII-XIII centuries, eight of which are included in the UNESCO world heritage list - these are white stone masterpieces of Vladimir and Suzdal.

The Museum-reserve is famous not only for its unique architectural monuments. Its most significant collections are collected works of numismatics, archeology, ancient Russian art and painting.

Some sightseeings, masterpieces of architecture, are museums with unique collections. For example, the Museum of crystal in Gus-Khrustalny is a majestic Terem built in the Russian-Byzantine style by the famous architect Leontius Benois. The interior of the temple is richly decorated, and the interior is decorated by a talented artist Viktor Vasnetsov, whose paintings can be seen here, moreover in the original. The unique crystal collection located in the Museum is one of the largest in Russia, with 12,000 items made by local craftsmen.

Another example of a combination of magnificent architecture and interesting exposition is the famous Golden Gate in Vladimir, built in 1158-1164 as part of a defensive fortification. Today, in the walls of this building houses a military-historical exhibition is placed, the Central part of which is occupied by a diorama. It depicts dramatic events the defense of the city from the troops of Batu Khan in 1238.

Lovers of antiquity will be interested in visiting the Museum of wooden architecture in Suzdal. On a plot of 3.5 hectares, the layout of a small village has been recreated: two churches and a chapel, from which there is a rural street with residential peasant houses and outbuildings made by using an axe. In one of the temples and in the houses presented to the rural interiors and topical exhibitions where you can see interesting old objects of everyday life of Russian peasants.

Vladimir-Suzdal nature reserve in numbers is 7 UNESCO world heritage sites, 45 Museum expositions, 6 points on the map and 440 thousand Museum items.


Vladimir-Suzdal historical, architectural and art Museum-reserve is the largest Museum in Russia. It unites a group of unique architectural monuments of Russian residential, defensive and Church architecture.

The history of the Museum-reserve began in the XIX century, when the first Museum in the Vladimir province was formed, located in one of the halls of the men's gymnasium. In 1875, there were already three hundred exhibits in its collection. Subsequently, the Museum expanded.

Officially, the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve was established in 1958. It includes historical and architectural monuments of Vladimir, Bogolyubov and Suzdal.

During the years of 1960-70 in the city of Suzdal, the unique vault of the Cross chamber, the Nativity Cathedral of the XIII century, the complex of the Spaso-Evfimiev monastery were refurbished and restored, and many expositions were created. And on the site of the long-disappeared Dmitrievsky monastery a Museum of wooden architecture was placed.

In the 1970s and 80s, the Museum-reserve included nine branches-museums located in the regional centers of the region. In 1983, the first crystal Museum in the country was opened in the St. George's Cathedral in Gus-Khrustalny. A large-scale restoration was carried out in the Cathedral building, and the refurbished painting of the artist Vasnetsov "the Last judgment"was returned to its former place.

Now the Museum-reserve includes 56 architectural monuments located in the cities of Vladimir, Suzdal and Gus-Khrustalny, the villages of Bogolyubov and Kideksha, as well as in the village of Muromtsevo.

Interesting Facts

The Museum-reserve offers excursions to Vladimir, Suzdal, Muromtsevo, Gus-Khrustalny. Moreover, you can visit one locality, having studied all its sights together with a guide, or several at once – on an individual route.

The Museum-reserve hosts master classes, concerts and performances for children, prepared in the Russian folk style.

Along all routes, tourists are offered to buy Souvenirs (books, mugs, magnets, etc.) and Handicrafts.

Those who want to stay in one of the local cities for a few days to better explore all the sights can look at the site of the Museum-reserve recommendations for choosing a hotel or restaurant.