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Kamchatka Museum of volcanoes "Vulcanarium"


Kamchatka Krai
Kamchatka Territory, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. , st. Klyuchevskaya, 34
Phones: +7 (963) 832-02-02
Web site:
All about the volcanoes of KamchatkaThe Vulcanarium cultural and educational center is a modern multimedia space where you immerse yourself in the world of volcanoes, watch how volcanoes are born, lava flows flow, minerals are formed, and get acquainted with the work of volcanologists.


Interactive popular science Museum, lecture hall, exhibition hall, educational center tells about volcanoes of Kamchatka and the world, introduces the Earth Sciences.
Excursions, seminars and webinars, master classes, entertainment programs, training sessions for children and adults are held.
Scientific and educational literature is produced.
A line of original Souvenirs has been developed and patented: volcano candles. It produces its own product-jam from Kamchatka berries.
The project "Virtual tour" has been developed and implemented, which makes it possible to "visit" the unique natural complexes of Kamchatka with the help of virtual reality technology (VR-helmets).
The Museum was opened in 2017 by Sergey and Alyona Samoylenko-a volcanologist and a cultural scientist joined forces to create a modern cultural and educational space in Kamchatka.


How did it all start? In one of the groups of the popular messenger came an announcement: "We need helpers with a brush to complete the Museum of Volcanoes." "Wow, how interesting!" - I thought, and without a moment's hesitation, wrote to the specified number. That's how I got to know the team, which since January has been implementing a completely new and unique project for Russia, Vulcanarium. And I did not just get acquainted, but became a part of it.

First of all, I was sent to a strange place called the lava cave, over which the decorator Victoria has been waving for weeks already. My plans to paint went to the dust, because as before it was necessary to finish the foundation. To do this, we needed a lot of toilet paper packages, a huge construction mixer and those magic ingredients that make ordinary papier-mache super-strong. And also the tow and ... However, why do you need to know the details? The main thing is impressions of visitors who will find themselves in this mysterious place. Believe me, they will be bright!

Interesting Facts

Most interesting events 2021.
1. Virtual exhibition " Volcanoes and Space. Bringing worlds together."
2. Festival "4 elements" - creative arrangement of the Student square on Klyuchevskaya street in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-creation of a new open-air Museum.