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The Memorial Estate “Rozhdestveno”

After the writer’s uncle death in 1916 Nabokov inherited the mansion, but he possessed it for just one year as the family was forced to leave Russia by the Revolution of 1917.
A small village of Rozhdestveno is located in the Leningrad Oblast not far from Gatchina. A mansion seated here in a picturesque scenery of a high riverbank was constructed in the end of XVIII century by decree of Catherine the Great. The ancient estate story is inseparable from that of Nabokov-Rukavishnikov family. Vladimir Nabokov’s ancestors used to live in Rozhdestveno and Nabokov spent much time here as child. Throughout the immigration the writer often reminisced about the place and the happy childhood years he had here.
The first local history museum exposition was held within the estate walls in 1974 and in 14 years the museum in Rozhdestveno was named after Nabokov. The exposition occupies nine halls which tell us of the village history and the life of the estate landlords. A collection of photographs from the Nabokovs’ family album is regarded the most precious exhibit. Walking along the mansion’s park one can find a solutional red bed cave, memorial cross and a holy spring. In the neighbourhood of Rozhdestveno there is another significant place, the Vyra estate, which is also related to the Nabokov family.


Leningrad Oblast
Muzeinaya Street,1, Rozhdestveno, Gatchinsky District
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