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Kuzbass museum-reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa"


Kemerovo Oblast
Kemerovo region, Mezhdurechensk district, village Written
Phones: +7 (3842) 75-86-33
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Rock art monument-ancient sanctuary Tomskaya PisanitsaVisitors will see unique rock carvings-petroglyphs dating back to the bronze age, cultural and archaeological monuments, get acquainted with the history and myth-making of the peoples of Siberia, flora and fauna of the region.


The historical, cultural and natural Museum-reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" is the most popular tourist destination in Kuzbass. A new type of Museum: a synthesis of nature, history and culture. The largest Museum-reserve outside the Urals, with an area of 156 hectares.
Attention of visitors: 8 permanent exhibitions dedicated to the history, Ethnography, archeology, primitive art, flora and fauna of the region. The opportunity to visit walking, river, horse riding and interactive tours of the Museum.
Ethnographic, folk, Orthodox and ritual holidays, festivals, interactive programs and lessons, attractions for adults and children, mini-zoo.
Developed infrastructure: cafes, souvenir shops, the opportunity to spend the night in a village house or in a Mongolian Yurt.
The Museum is based On the ancient sanctuary Tomskaya Pisanitsa-rock with more than 280 petroglyphs of the bronze age.
Tomsk Pisanitsa is an amazing sacred place, a sanctuary, where people came with their sorrows and joys for four thousand years in a row. Three hundred rock paintings are not just pictures from life, but an appeal to higher forces with the hope of a miracle. There is a version that the ancient people chose such places not by chance. Where there is a special energy, images begin to have supernatural power. Archaeologists who consider the Tomsk scribble exclusively from the point of view of facts, believe that this is a unique monument for humanity, exploring which they will learn new important details of the past. And today our petroglyphs keep many more secrets that are gradually revealed to people.


The unique multidisciplinary open-air museum was created February 16, 1988. But in order for such a decision to take place, it took many years of efforts of dozens of people, who in different years have devoted their lives to the study and protection of the world-famous monument of primitive art.
A rock with drawings of ancient people on the banks of the river. Tomi, discovered at the turn of the 16th-17th centuries, has attracted the attention of researchers for hundreds of years. Its descriptions are contained in the works of famous scientists and travelers of the 17th-19th centuries F.I. Stralenberg, G.F. Miller, G.I Spassky and many others. In the 60s-70s of the XX century, the study of Tomsk petroglyphs was continued by the Soviet researchers A.P. Okladnikov, A.I. Martynov, V.V. Bobrov, Yu.M. Borodkin, E.I. Bigler. The final stage of these many years of research was the capital work of A.P. Okladnikov and A.I. Martynov "Treasures of the Tomsk Writers" (1972), as well as dozens of articles in scientific journals in the USSR and abroad. Science did its job, scientists helped contemporaries to understand the meaning of life and the worldview of the ancients, but to protect the monument from natural destruction under the influence of natural factors.
In 1968, the area adjacent to Pisanitsa was declared a protected area, and by the mid-80s, no one had any doubts that there should be a Museum here, on Tomsk Pisanitsa.

Interesting Facts

Here you have possibility to stay overnight in a village house or in a Mongolian Yurt.

The most exiting events, that take place in Pisanitsa:
Folk festival " Shirokaya Maslenitsa!» 14.03.2021 G.
A real Carnival in the modern tradition. Performance of creative groups, game performances, mummers and buffoons.

New year according to the Sayan-Altai calendar "Chyl Pazhi" 27.03.2021
Traditional holiday of the peoples of the Sayano-Altai. Performance of national collectives, exhibitions of applied art, national competition, and a kitchen. The rite of "Kamlanie" (benevolence).

The festival of historical reconstruction "the Stone book" 17.07.2021 G.
Recreation of historical events, work camps, craft sites.

"Sinfonici" 07.08.2021 G.
Concert of symphonic music in the open air.

Festival of Slavic evil spirits "Baba Yaga 2.0" 23.10.2021
Theatrical procession of costumed characters. Game programs for adults and children.