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Kamchatka Regional Art Museum


Kamchatka Krai
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, st. Leninskaya, 62
Phones: +7 (4152) 42-42-88
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Kamchatka Regional Art Museum is a unique place on the peninsula, where you can get acquainted with the great works of fine art by Russian and foreign artists, various thematic exhibitions and expositions. In the museum you can not only see paintings, graphics, sculptures, but also buy works that are presented at the exhibition. In addition to the exhibition part of the salon, it is impossible not to note what a picturesque natural place the museum is located in. Any visitor exactly will not remain indifferent to the surrounding open spaces!


The museum houses original works of art by many well-known artists not only in Russia, but also abroad. Among them are the works of sculptors A. Grigoriev, O. Komov, V. Ryabov, graphics L. Soyfertis, painters O. Savostyuk, K. Britov, A. Smirnov-Voskresensky. All of them are representatives of the most diverse artistic trends of the XX century-from realism to the avant-garde. A special pride of the museum is the collection of paintings by R. Frumak. The museum's collection is complemented by works by artists from the United States, Korea and the best works of children from Kamchatka, California and Alaska. For example, as part of the cultural exchange in 1993, an exhibition of fine and decorative arts "From Peninsula to Peninsula: California-Kamchatka" was held, as a result of which the museum collection was replenished with works by artists of the United States (California).
A significant place in the collection is occupied by a collection of works by Kamchatka artists, which gives a fairly complete picture of the development of fine art in the Kamchatka Territory. The funds contain collections of works by the People's Artist of Russia f. Dyakov, Honored Artists of Russia V. Shokhin, V. Trishkin, F. Tebiev; artists V. Denisov, Yu. Vi, S. Stepanov, A. Vinokurov, G. Morozov, V. Sanakoev, S. Kazaryan and others.
The constantly updated expositions in the museum demonstrate the art of creative unions, the works of famous artists, masters of decorative and applied, folk art, photographers, as well as new names become known in the art of the peninsula. Since the exposition and exhibition work is one of the main activities of "KKHM". About twenty exhibitions are held annually in the halls of the museum. At the initiative of the Museum in recent years Kamchatka fine art connoisseurs and were able to meet with the artists Magadan, Khabarovsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and with the works of the masters, the U.S., Japan, North Korea.

Bus tours of various subjects and routes around the city and the region, covering the historical, cultural and natural monuments of our region, are very popular among citizens and tourists. A comfortable museum bus makes it possible to conduct not only sightseeing work, but also to conduct traveling exhibitions in remote settlements of the region.

Art Museum works closely with institutions in the culture of the region Kamchatka regional Museum, Kamchatka folk art Center, Regional training center, community organizations – Kamchatsky organization of the Union of artists of Russia, the Kamchatka branch of the Creative Union of artists of Russia, and the Kamchatka College of arts, Kamchatka state University. Vitus Bering et al.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the museum also hosts visiting / exchange exhibitions. These include:
- "Folk Crafts of Russia". The exhibition presents items of decorative and applied arts and crafts of Russia: gzhel, khokhloma, Palekh caskets, Dymkovsky and Filimonov toys, Pavlovo-Posad shawls, matryoshkas. The exhibition is aimed at preschoolers and primary school students
- "Folk masters of Kamchatka". The exhibition presents objects of decorative and applied art and everyday life of the peoples of the north of Kamchatka (clothing items, ornaments of clothing of Koryaks, Itelmen; models of dog and deer sleds; ritual quiver, etc.)
"In the Service of the Fatherland." The exhibition presents drawings of students of children's art schools of the region on military subjects
"I paint the way of yours." The exhibition presents works about women artists of Russia and Kamchatka It
is worth noting that the museum is engaged in active educational activities and organizes various training programs, for example:
- Creative workshop "The world in the lens" (photo studio)
- Creative association " Magic Clay"
- Lecture cycles within the framework of cultural and educational programs " The World of Russian Folk toys"
- "Journey into the world of fine art", " I'll take you to the museum"


The Kamchatka Regional Art Museum is one of the youngest in the Far East. It was founded on January 5, 1992. The museum's activities are diverse. The main directions include: collection, storage and study of objects of fine art, exhibition and educational work. To date, the museum's collection includes more than 3,500 works of painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied and folk art, art photography and children's creativity.
A major role in the formation of the collection was played by the State Museum and Exhibition Center - "Rosizopropaganda" of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (ROSIZO, Moscow). Works of artists from different cities of Russia were donated to the museum's funds.: starting from Kaliningrad and ending with Kamchatka.
Since 2009-2010, the museum's researchers have been using new forms of educational activities. Specialized cultural and educational programs are being created, for example, "The World of Russian Folk Toys" for preschoolers, "A Journey into the world of Fine art" for students of grades 6-7, multimedia exhibitions "Kamchatka Batik", "Kamchatka landscapes in the works of Kamchatka artist Vadim Beloglazov", "My Life Kamchatka" about the work of the People's Artist of Russia F. V. Diakova. Work on the development of this area is still underway.
In 2001, the museum became a member of the Union of Museums of Russia, and in 2003 became a member of the Association of Museum Workers of Russia (Moscow) and the Far Eastern Association of Museum Workers (Khabarovsk).

Interesting Facts

In the immediate vicinity of the museum are:
- The natural monument "Nikolskaya Sopka", located in the immediate vicinity of the historical center of the city. Nikolskaya Sopka has a rich history, in particular, it unfolded fighting during the Peter and Paul defense of 1854. On the hill there is a natural and historical park. A television station was located on the summit for a long time, which is now abandoned. Nikolskaya Sopka is a natural monument. Among the people, the name "The Hill of Love" was fixed for the hill.

- Monument to the English navigator Ch. Clark, best known for working with Stanley Kubrick to create the cult science fiction film "A Space Odyssey 2001" (1968), as well as a monument to the French traveler F. La Perouse, who died with the entire crew of the naval circumnavigation expedition he led off the island of Vanikoro of the Santa Cruz group. Several geographical features, including the La Perouse Strait, are named after him.

- Freedom Square, where the monument to the liberators of the Kuril Islands in 1945 is located. In the summer of 2020, work began on the arrangement of commemorative plates with the names of the participants of the Kuril landing, who took part in the fighting in 1945, in Svobody Square.

- The embankment of the Avacha Bay, which has two major ports in the cities of Vilyuchinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the bay of the same name with rocky high shores interrupted by small beaches. It is also the base of the Russian Pacific Fleet.

- Cultuee lake with a statue of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul on the shore. The lake was filled with clean water not only from springs, but also from a large spring field, which was located in the area of the current Kamchatka State University named after Vitus Bering and the market complex on Komsomolskaya Square.