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Museum of Slavic mythology


Tomsk Oblast
город Томск, улица Загорная, 12


The Museum is unique and doesn’t have any counterparts in the world. It’s collection consists of paintings by modern Russian artists, and these paintings are connected by a common subject – the mythology of our ancestors, the ancient Slavs and their heroic past, Russian fairy tales and customs. The talented artists of these paintings, no matter how different they are in style, are united in their desire to recreate this legendary world of the ancient Slavs, to make it visible for other people through art. It really feels as if the Gods and heroes of ancient Slavic culture are looking at you from the paintings.
The first Museum of Slavic mythology aims to discover, research, collect and popularize works of art created by talented artists of Russia.


The first Museum of Slavic mythology has been existed in Tomsk since 2007. It was created by Gennadii Mikhailovich Pavlov, who graduated from Tomsk State University and has become a successful businessman. The Museum is located in a three-storey building behind Voskresenskaya hill. Today it is a historical part of the city and the center of Slavic culture in Tomsk.

Interesting Facts

In the Museum You can create your own artwork inspired by Russian handicraft traditions! Come, create and learn more about the history and culture of Russia! The museums workshop is open for children and adults of all levels of experience.
There’s plenty of workshops for the creatively inclined — matryoshka painting, making traditional rag-dolls, felting valenki (national Russian shoes) — we hope everyone will be able to find something that will fuel their inner creativity and help them take a step closer to Russian culture.