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Vinogradovsky Historical Museum

The keeper of the history of the past and present in the Vinogradovsky district is the Vinogradovsky Historical Museum. It has about 10 thousand exhibits, which are constantly replenished.
The museum's exposition is presented in four halls. To date, the following expositions are open::
1 hall - "Nature of Dvinovazhye"
2 hall - "Motifs of the Northern village"
3 hall - "Roads of War" exhibition for the 75th anniversary of the Victory
Temporary exhibitions in 2021:
- Personal exhibition of the People's Master of Arts and Crafts of the Arkhangelsk region. Darya Gromova's "Time is the connecting thread". From April 27 to June 19, 2021.
- Exhibition from the funds of the museum "Retro technique". From July 1 to October 22, 2021.
- Exhibition "Soft light flows from the lamp". Exhibition of candlesticks and antique lamps from the museum's collections. From November 1, 2021 to February 31, 2022.
The structure of the museum has an archive and a scientific library.
The most valuable (unique) collections:
- collection of spinning wheels with Boretsky painting;
- collection of notices about the dead and missing during the Second World War, called up by the Vinogradovsky military enlistment office;
- a large collection of numismatics, the oldest part of it-the coin of the Golden Horde of the late 14th century;
- an amazing and numerous collection of ethnographic objects of rural life;
- religious complex – icons of the 19th century, books, crosses.
- the museum is proud of its personal collections, which include awards, documents, and photographs of people who left a significant mark on the history of the district.
In addition to the exhibition and excursion activities, the museum holds various lectures, quizzes, educational games and master classes for children of various educational institutions. The museum also organizes competitions on various topics for guests and residents of the district. In 1999, the museum published the "Chronicle of Dvinovazhye".


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