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kurganinsky historical museum


Krasnodar Krai
Russia, Krasnodar region, Kurganinsk, Street. kalinina, 44
The Kurganinsk Historical Museum is an extensive collection of photographs, documents, personal belongings and works of art that tell about the life of people and the history of the city of Kurganinsk.


The two-storey building of the museum is located in the central part of the city of Kurganinsk on Kalinina Street. On the first floor there is a museum of the collective farm "Kavkaz", which tells about the history of the city and the collective farm, and on the second floor there is an art gallery. In 1993, the museum was reorganized into the Kurganinsky Historical Museum, during these years its funds have grown to 23 thousand exhibits. In addition to the exhibition halls, the museum offers educational lectures about Kurganinsk in the Great Patriotic War, as well as educational and entertainment lessons for schoolchildren. The museum also actively conducts various events dedicated to the history of the city and its inhabitants.


The history of the Kurganinsky Historical Museum begins in 1966 with the fine arts. The first works of art were presented to the collective farm "Caucasus" by Moscow artists after the chairman of the collective farm Andrey Petrovich Khomyakov was invited to the II Congress of Artists of the RSFSR. In his speech at the congress, he said that collective farmers want to see works of art not only during tourist trips, but also in their own city. Artists responded vividly to the speech of A. P. Khomyakov, and soon the first works of painting and sculpture were presented to the collective farm. The collective farm "Kavkaz" was an advanced economy, foreign delegations often came there — the collective farm was included in the All-Union tourist route for showing foreign tourists. A great contribution to the development of the museum was made by a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Ivan Ivanovich Protasov, who was carried away by the idea of the museum, proposed not to be limited only to fine arts, but to create a historical department. He became the first director of the collective farm museum, actively worked to collect material about the history of the village of Kurgan and the history of the collective farm. Replenishment of the funds of the museum of the history of the collective farm "Caucasus" was carried out by collecting exhibits among the local population, this was done personally by I. I. Protasov. The village residents warmly supported this idea, everyone wanted to contribute to the creation of the historical department. In 1972, A. P. Khomyakov proposed to build a separate museum building, this idea was also supported. They built the museum building according to the project of the famous architect of the RSFSR A.V. Titov. The museum was opened on March 16, 1974 — it is the only museum in the rural area of the Krasnodar Territory, located in a specially built building for it.