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Mordasova’s flat-museum


Voronezh Oblast
Voronezh region, Voronezh, Lenin's square, d. 9, kV. 32
Phones: +7 (473) 280-21-24
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The exhibition is located throughout the apartment and is represented by authentic household items of the singer, a rich archive of photos and letters from fans of her talent. A collection of Maria Mordasova's concert costumes is also on display here. Gifts from fans, concert posters, a home library allow you to feel the atmosphere that reigned in the walls of this apartment during the life of the famous chastushechnitsa.

The collection of M. N. Mordasova's concert costumes consists of ten complete stage outfits, including headdresses and jewelry. Known costasecca, for the most part, make them yourself, collecting samples of authentic embroidery and other decorative elements. The costumes reflect the elements of traditional women's peasant clothing of the Chernozem region.


The museum-apartment of M. N. Mordasova is an apartment on the fourth floor of a residential building, in which from 1958 to 1997 lived the People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Honorary citizen of the city of Voronezh Maria Nikolaevna Mordasova (1915-1997) and her husband – bayanist, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Ivan Mikhailovich Rudenko (1920-1997). The creative biography of the singer (since 1939) is associated with the Voronezh Region.

The apartment in which the People's Artist of the USSR, Maria Nikolaevna Mordasova, lived from 1958 to 1997, became a museum in 2005.

The main semantic accents of the exposition.
1. Decoration of the museum-apartment-a collection of concert costumes of Maria Nikolaevna Mordasova. The museum keeps a large collection of phonograms of her songs and ditties, as well as video recordings of television programs and films with the participation of M. N. Mordasova.

2. Souvenirs brought from the tour, as well as gifts from fans of the chastushechnitsa's talent, make the museum "A Museum of folk Love for the singer".

3. The extensive library of Russian folklore, numerous photographs and diaries, decorative objects of folk life show the organic connection of M. N. Mordasova with the folk song culture of Russia.

Interesting Facts

The exhibition contains only authentic exhibits: household items, concert costumes, letters, photographs, documents, recordings of songs and ditties, musical instruments.

Maria Nikolaevna Mordasova is remembered and loved for her unique voice, fervent manner of performance and unusually bright concert image. During the themed tour you will learn about how her stage image and performance style appeared, who participated in their creation. There will be displayed elements of folk costumes of the singer, the peculiarities of her dress and hat ornamentation will be shown, there you will learn about makeup specifics of Russian folk song performers. Moreover, visitors will learn about the preserved traditions of our ancestors in folk costume hand-embroidery and its meaning. At the end of the tour visitors will be allowed to try on the copies of Maria Nikolaevna’s stage costumes.