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Ivanovo State Museum of History and Local Lore of D.G. Burylin


Ivanovo Oblast
29, Sovetskaya str., Ivanovo
Phones: +7 (4932) 41-12-41
One of the best collection museums in Russia.We invite you to visit our museums in Ivanovo and get acquainted with the history of Russian entrepreneurship, the phenomenon of Burylin's collections, political history, and regional identity.


The museum complex of the Ivanovo Museum of Local History includes: The
Museum of Industry and Art,
The Museum of Ivanovo chintz,
Museum of the First Council,
Museum and Exhibition Center,
House-Museum of the Bubnov family,
D. A. Furmanov memorial Museum (the city of Furmanov).

Various expositions of the museum complex of the Ivanovo State Museum of Local History named after D. G. Burylin are presented in buildings located in the historical part of the city.


The Ivanovo-Voznesensky Museum of Industry and Art, Rarities and Antiquities at the beginning of the twentieth century rightfully stood among the best museums in Russia. It was founded by the collector, philanthropist, Ivanovo-Voznesensky manufacturer Dmitry Burylin.

Diodor Andreevich, D. G. Burylin's grandfather, started collecting the collection, having become interested in the Slavic-Russian books of the church press of the XVII century. He bequeathed his collection to his grandson, who in his childhood showed a genuine interest in it and a passion for collecting.

Starting with books, the collection actively grew with various "rarities and antiquities", which led to its broad, all-encompassing theme. It reflects the religion and life of China, Japan, India, Near Asia and Central Asian countries (Eastern Collection), the religion and life of Western Europe (Western European Collection), the Russian collection, a collection of paintings, graphics, and sculptures. The Masonic collection, the pride of the collector, for which he allocated a separate hall (Masonic Room), included symbolic items of various lodges, distinctive signs of degrees and positions, cufflinks, belts, buckles and rare handwritten literature on Freemasonry. The collection on the theme of the war of 1812 contained not only commemorative and award badges, weapons of that time, but also items issued for the anniversary of the event in 1911-1912 - a series of engravings and bas-reliefs, themed souvenir shawls of Moscow and Ivanovo-Voznesensky manufactories. A unique collection of fabrics-hand-made naboek, potholes, calico of the XVIII-XIX centuries, supplemented by a collection of mannequin and perrotin boards of the second half of the XVIII - early XIX century. The archaeological collection included items from the Primitive era, the Bronze Age, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, the ancient Russian state and the Middle Ages, dating from the 26th millennium BC to the XVI century AD.