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Museum-apartment of A.M. Gorky


Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
Nizhny Novgorod, Semashko str., 19
visit the apartment where the outstanding Russian writer Maxim Gorky lived and where he created his world-famous works.


In the collection of the Gorky Museum-apartment there are more than two thousand memorial items. Guests can see the original writer's office, his desk, library.
Part of the writer's art collection provides significant information about his life, work and social activities, as well as about his Nizhny Novgorod environment and the cultural life of the city at the beginning of the XX century.
The museum has a variety of exhibitions. For example, there is a collection of watches from the collections of the Gorky Museum, an exhibition dedicated to Breev-a bookseller, publisher, collector and hero of Gorky's essay "Monarchist". Guests of the museum can also see the painting "Gorky and Chaliapin in Nizhny Novgorod".


Maxim Gorky's museum-apartment, open to the public since 1971, is located on the second floor of the house on Semashko Street, where the writer lived with his family in the period from 1902 to 1904.. Here Gorky completed work on the famous play "At the Bottom", wrote another play, "Summer Residents", and also made the first sketches for the story "Mother". Maxim Gorky's last years in his hometown were spent in this apartment.
At the beginning of the last century, prominent representatives of Russian culture – singer Chaliapin, writers Andreev, Bunin, artist Repin, the great director Stanislavsky and other famous personalities-visited Gorky's house. In fact, this apartment was the center of cultural, artistic and social life of Nizhny Novgorod, and contemporaries called it the "Gorky Academy".
The building in which the museum-apartment is located is very interesting in itself. it was built in 1860 and is a two-story house, the lower part of which is made of stone, and the upper part is made of wood. the building has a five-axis mezzanine and a wooden extension, in which there is a "black" wooden staircase.
At the beginning of the XX century, three rooms were redeveloped in the former apartment of the writer. However, in 1969-1971, the former layout of the apartment was restored on the basis of notes by Ekaterina Peshkova, Gorky's wife. By the way, the interiors in the rooms are also recreated from the memories of his wife.
The museum-apartment of A. M. Gorky on Semashko Street is officially considered a branch of the State Museum of A. M. Gorky."

Interesting Facts

the gorky museum-apartment houses a unique rarity-a bronze hunting horn. it is engraved with the words from gorky's famous work "petrel": "storm!.. The Storm is coming soon!" This horn was given to the writer by his godson. The gift has a great meaning: the engraved phrase speaks of the common views of the godfather and godson, whom Gorky considered a close person and called "son"in his letters.
Continuing the traditions of Maxim Gorky, the museum staff regularly hold literary and musical evenings in his memorial apartment, present performances and organize "home" readings at the "Gorky" table. And in the so-called Green Living Room, they organize meetings with writers, actors, scientists, students and even hold film screenings of feature films based on the works of Gorky, and documentaries about cultural figures.