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Magadan regional Museum of local lore


Magadan Oblast
Karl Marx Avenue 55, Magadan
Phones: +7 (4132) 65-11-48
Web site:


The Museum has four expositions.
The hall "Nature of the North" presents not only the modern animal world of animals, birds and insects that live in the vast tundra and larch woodlands, but also the remains of ancient animals –representatives of the mammoth fauna – mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, bison, musk ox, horse. Visitors ' attention is especially attracted by a copy of the mammoth Dima.
The exhibition "World of stone" shows a collection of minerals and rocks, Souvenirs and jewelry made of stone.
Significant and vivid collections of the Museum: ethnographic, archaeological, decorative and applied art, carved and engraved bones of Uelen masters-all this can be seen in the exhibition hall "People of the Earth and the Sea". About two thousand items in five sections characterize the culture of the indigenous peoples of the North of the Far East.
The Exhibition "The Kolyma. Sevvostlag 1932-1956 " introduces the history of Kolyma camps. Items from the sites of former camps are displayed here: a security tower, tools, bars from high-security barracks, clothing and various household utensils. A collection of rare documents and photographs, a series of paintings about the construction of the Kolyma highway and other materials tell about people and destinies.


The Magadan regional Museum of local lore was founded in 1934. For the first time, its doors opened to visitors on March 30. The Museum is based on the exhibits of the first local history exhibition dedicated to the first Congress of Kolyma farmers. Until 1953, that is, before the formation of the Magadan region, the name of the Museum was different, namely: the Okhotsk-Kolyma Museum of local lore. From the moment of its creation until 1983, the Museum was located in the building of the former commandant's office of Dalstroy (20A Proletarskaya street). In the spring of 1983, the Museum moved to a purpose-built building located at 55 Karl Marx Avenue.