Tourist Information Center Partnership Project

JSC "Kaliningrad Amber Combine"

Dear residents of Kaliningrad region and guests of the Amber land! AO «Kaliningrad amber combine» invites you to visit our tourist facilities.
We prepared for you a special “A day with sunstone program”!
The tour route has two tourist facilities: the “Amber chamber” Demonstration Hall and the Viewing platform of the Amber quarry.
You will have a unique opportunity to visit the only amber enterprise in Russia and the biggest one in the world that performs industrial amber mining; to learn about “Baltic stone”; to discover ancient amber routes; to walk the footsteps of Teutonic Knights; to submerge into the history of recreating the Amber room, to admire the view of Primorsky quarry; to know about mining techniques and stone processing; to enter the Amber pyramid and experience its life-giving powers.

The “Amber chamber’ Interactive Demonstration Hall

The exposition has several sections:
• The origin of amber, amber-like resin (copals), collection of amber inclusions
• Historical documents about amber and amber trade route; history of amber mining during the Teutonic Order period
• “The Amber room” - three centuries of history
• The history of the Palmniken settlement – Yantarny as a center of industrial mining in XVIII-XX century
• Kaliningrad amber combine – industrial history
• Technologies of amber mining and processing
• Unique samples of amber (collection of large nuggets)
• Techniques of amber processing; amber imitations
• “The Amber chamber” - collection of amber pieces, works of authorship, and serial items of Kaliningrad amber combine
• A photo zone where you can sit on an amber throne and try on an amber tiara
• Exhibition and sale of amber jewelry.

Viewing platform of Primorsky quarry

• Viewing platform that allows to observe the process of amber mining from a height of 160 feet
• Viewing tower
• Photo zone with historical costumes
• Amber tree and amber pyramid
• “The Miner” attraction that gives an opportunity to dig out some amber on our own
• A model of the “Anna” amber mine and “The Gallow” model
• Comfortable rest area
• A cafe where you can try famous local pastry and watch a movie about the work in a quarry
• Multifunctional shopping area with various amber items and souvenirs.


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