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A rocky landscape park of rare beauty of the 18th-19th centuries is located on the lands of a former private estate, which was owned for 150 years by the barons von Nicolai, who served Russia in the field of education and diplomacy.

The landscape of Tverdysh Island, where the museum-reserve is located, is unique. According to geologists, the rocks of the island are powerful outcrops of granite to the surface, and their picturesque and unusual relief, which gives many reasons for versions and fantastic legends, was formed by a glacier and subsequent post-glacial earthquakes.

It was in such an amazing place that the Mon Repos Park was created, which immediately became famous as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. And this combination of unusual nature and the inspired romance of the landscape park gives Mon Repos a special appeal.
In the world of Mon Repos Park, in all its diversity, various eras and cultural traditions harmoniously coexist from ancient images to the mythology of the Kalevala epic.


Leningrad Oblast