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Novgorod Oblast
Novgorod region, Veliky Novgorod, Rogatitsa St., 16/21


Cinemuseum was created in Veliky Novgorod by Valery Rubtsov on February 13, 2012. At the beginning of its work the private collection of an old amateur and professional film equipment didn’t have its own premises, participating in various exhibition projects in the Novgorod region. And only in 2018 Cinemuseum got a place of permanent registration in a two-storeyed building - an architectural monument XIX century house of petty bourgeoise Butuzova. Cinemuseum is located in the historical centre of Veliky Novgorod in a five-minute walk from Yaroslav's Court.
Nowadays, the museum funds have a huge number of unique exhibits. There are lots of different film and photo objects of the XIX-XX centuries – cameras, film cameras and movie projectors, flatbed editors, boxes and a large number of other technical equipment. The extensive bibliography contains books on cinema from the early 20th century, screenplays, posters, magazines, newspapers, postcards, tickets, autographs and much more.
Most of one and a half thousand exhibits can be seen in various museum exhibitions.
On the ground floor of Cinemuseum there is the exposition “Cinematography. The Beginning”, where you will learn how cinema emerged and who stood at its origins. Here you can not only see the 19th century French “Magic Lantern” and some other rarities, but also twist the reconstructed old optical toys or the Lumière camera.
The 1919 “Decree on Cinema” opens the exhibition “Children of the Storm”. You will plunge into the revolutionary cinematography world of the 20s-30s-40s of the XX century: Russian cinema avant-garde, format war, the appearance of sound and color. This exposition includes a large number of unique exhibits of those years: from the world's smallest professional camera Kinamo 1923 to a front-line gun camera.
In the Red Corner of the Cinemuseum you can not only immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 40s propaganda room, but also watch films about Novgorod from different decades, starting from the 30s.
The expositions “I am a cinemaphile” and “Magic Ray” on the second floor of Cinemuseum will tell you about the history of amateur filmmaking in the USSR, which began in the 50s of the last century. Here you can see absolutely all models of amateur film cameras and projectors produced in the Soviet Union.
Exhibition “Movie! Movie! Movie!” represents the main film professions. Here you can feel like a screenwriter, make-up artist or sound engineer on their workplace and even see the unique documents: the original screenplays from the 30s and 70s, printed by famous filmmakers.
Within the exhibition “Children under sixteen ...” you will dive into the wonderful world of children films and cartoons. Immerse yourself in the world of Soviet childhood!
In addition, the exhibition “Projection Booth” will tell about those who showed films in Soviet cinemas. “Stars in Kiosks” will give an opportunity to remember what Soviet cinema actors were like on postcards. And “Music on the Screen” will sing you famous melodies from the movies.
Moreover, the cinema hall “Stargorod” is open for visitors in Cinemuseum, where not only film masterpieces of the last century are demonstrated, but also concerts, lectures and meetings are held.

Interesting Facts

Cinemuseum is the only private museum in Russia dedicated to the history of cinema:
- 300 square metres of exhibition space and more than 1000 unique exhibits of the 19th and 20th centuries;
- 10 exhibitions telling us about the history of cinema and more;
- approximately 20 interactive installations and photo zones;
- a million of bright impressions.