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Boris Pasternak House Museum


Pavlenko str., 3, village of DSK Michurinets, Moscow
Phones: +7 495 695-53-08
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The village of writers Peredelkino is forever associated with the name of Boris Leonidovich Pasternak. In the wooden two-story house, where the museum is now located, the poet settled in the spring of 1939. It was in this house that on October 23, 1958, he learned that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.


The museum has completely preserved the atmosphere and atmosphere in which Boris Pasternak lived and worked: a modest life, an ascetic office environment — nothing distracting from the service of literature. The museum is completely memorial, nothing is brought into it that would not correspond to the time of the poet's life in it.
The house has preserved things, books, and paintings by Boris Pasternak's father — the wonderful artist L. O. Pasternak, a friend of Leo Tolstoy. His illustrations for the novel "Resurrection" can be seen in the office on the second floor. Even the design of the works of Leonid Pasternak remains in the form that the poet himself did.

The Bechstein grand piano was inherited by the Neuhaus musical dynasty: the pianist Heinrich Gustavovich Neuhaus, the first husband of Zinaida Nikolaevna, received it from his father and subsequently passed it on to his son Stanislav. In the late sixties, Stanislav Neuhaus moved the concert grand piano to Peredelkino. The piano that now stands in Zinaida Pasternak's room was once played by Heinrich Neuhaus, Maria Yudina and Svyatoslav Richter.


B. L. Pasternak lived in Peredelkin since 1936, first occupying a large dacha, and in 1939 moved to a smaller house, where he remained until the end of his life. A. A. Akhmatova, K. I. Chukovsky, S. Ya. Marshak, Vs. Ivanov, M. M. Zoshchenko, K. G. Paustovsky, A. A. Fadeev, Louis Aragon, Elsa Triolet, Nathalie Sarrot, Raphael Alberti, D. D. Shostakovich, S. S. Prokofiev, P. P. Konchalovsky, D. S. Likhachev, P. L. Kapitsa, A. A. Voznesensky, E. A. Yevtushenko, B. A. Akhmadulina, B. Sh. Okudzhava. The piano of the company "Bechstein" was played by outstanding pianists: Heinrich and Stanislav Neuhaus, Svyatoslav Richter and Maria Yudina.
In this house, Boris Pasternak died on May 30, 1960, in a small room, "piano", as it was called, and is buried in the local cemetery. The family for many years did everything to preserve the house and the furniture in the form in which they were during the life of Boris Pasternak. Despite the fact that all these years "to Pasternak" there were admirers, the official museum did not open for a long time. And yet it happened — on February 10, 1990, on the day of the centenary of Pasternak, a memorial exhibition was opened in the house.

Interesting Facts

A sightseeing tour of the museum includes a story about the history of the writer's dacha in the life of Pasternak, about the family life of the poet, classes in translation and writing the novel "Doctor Zhivago".