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Local Museum of Regional Studies

Local Museum of Regional Studies was founded on October 17, 1926. He is engaged in the acquisition, storage, popularization of historical and cultural monuments of the Murmansk region. Now the famous building with an anchor on Lenin Avenue is under reconstruction, and visitors attend museum events and exhibitions in the house number 1A on Pavlova Street.

Murmansk residents and guests of the city can get acquainted with the collections that tell about the nature of the Murmansk region, the history of the region from ancient times, the life of the Sami in the 18th-19th centuries, history of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The museum's funds contain over 170,000 museum items. The library of the museum has 18,000 books and magazines on local history.

The museum has 2 territorial departments (the Museum of History, Culture and Life of the Kola Sami - in the village of Lovozero and the Museum of the History, Culture and Life of the Pomors - in the village of Umba).

The museum organizes over 100 exhibitions annually. On request, we offer mobile exhibitions to organizations and institutions for exhibiting throughout the year.


Murmansk Oblast