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BIC VR "Belozersky Regional Museum of Local Lore"

Belozersk is the oldest city in the Vologda region with a history of eleven centuries. The city is famous for many attractions, the main of which is the Belozersky Regional Museum of Local Lore.
The museum manages five historical and cultural monuments:
- The Transfiguration Cathedral of the XVII century with the iconostasis "The Revelation of John the Theologian" of the XVIII/XIX centuries,
- a masterpiece of Russian wooden architecture-the Church of Elijah the Prophet of the end of the XVII century
–The building of the former city school, Frunze str., 28 / Vikulova, 1, 1901
- The house of the merchant Kaporulin, 1st floor. XIX century, Sovetsky Ave., 70.
- Merchant Kaporulin's house, 2nd floor. XIX century, Vikulova str., 5.
The funds of the Belozersky Museum of Local Lore include collections of seals and seals of the X-XIV centuries, coins, books, masters of temple sculpture, graphics, black-flattened and watered ceramics of the Belozerye of the XIX-XX centuries, Old Russian and oil paintings, products of textile weaving and embroidery; a collection of postcards with views of the city, archives of poets Sergei Orlov, Sergei Vikulov, Alexey Shadrinov, designers of the Shamarin brothers.
The museum consists of:
- Memorial House - Museum of the poet S. S. Orlov
- Museum of Ethnography
- Museum of the White Lake
- Belozersk Historical Museum


Vologda Oblast