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Y.A. Gagarin Joint Memorial Museum


Smolensk Oblast
Gagarin, Smolensk Region
An idyllic small Russian town, which is associated with the childhood of the pioneering cosmonaut and the life of his family


The museum complex includes:

The house-Museum of Yuri Gagarin's childhood in the village of Klushino, located in a building that was built in 1971 specifically for the museum on the site where the Gagarin house previously stood, and of the same size. The interior of the house corresponds to a typical peasant dwelling of the 1930s. In the courtyard of the house there is a dugout, in which the Gagarin family lived for a year and a half during the Nazi occupation, as well as a well. According to a legend that exists among cosmonauts, the dream of a person who has drunk water from the Gagarin well is sure to come true!

House-Museum of the school years of Yuri Gagarin. The school years of the future cosmonaut from 1945 to 1949 were spent in this house. The house was moved from the village of Klushino by Yuri Gagarin's father in 1945. The recreated memorial setting takes us back to the distant year 1949 — the year of Yura's departure from his native home. Everything here introduces the way of life of the simple, hardworking Gagarin family, with family traditions that played a big role in the formation of the character of the future cosmonaut. In the courtyard there is a monument to Anna Timofeevna Gagarina-the mother of the first cosmonaut. The house-museum of Yuri Gagarin's parents. The building was donated by the Government of the RSFSR to the parents of the first cosmonaut in 1961. In three rooms, the atmosphere of the time when Yuri Gagarin came here is recreated: on the walls — photos, next to them-numerous gifts given to both Gagarin himself and his parents. This is the last place in Gzhatsk that Yuri Alekseevich visited before his death. Near the house-museum, under a special glass dome, there is a car "Volga", which belonged to the first cosmonaut.

The Cosmonauts ' House was built in 1983. In one part of it lived Yuri's mother Anna Timofeevna (Alexey Ivanovich died in 1976), and in the other there was a respectable hotel for cosmonauts who came to the homeland of Yuri Gagarin. In 1989, after the transfer of the building to the museum, the interior of the house was reconstructed as an exhibition complex, and the living rooms and living room of Anna Timofeevna Gagarina were preserved. Currently, there is a historical and biographical exhibition "The Word about the Son" and a children's museum "Games of Yuri Gagarin". Museum of the First Flight. The first exhibition hall presents space equipment that is directly related to the first space flight with a person on board: the multi-ton engine of the Vostok RD–108 launch vehicle, the SBK–48 sign language chamber, in which members of the first cosmonaut squad underwent pre-flight training, a panel with flight control panels of the Vostok spacecraft, etc. The central place of the second hall is occupied by the interactive system "Earth-Space": against the background of the starry sky around the model of the globe, the path along which the Vostok spacecraft made its historic flight is laid. "Starry" ceilings that turn into the same" starry " walls, rich blue color, flickering lights create the illusion of the proximity of space. The invisible presence of space is harmoniously complemented by a rich subject range and unique documents: simulators, which were used for pre-flight training by members of the first cosmonaut squad, including Yuri Gagarin; personal belongings belonging to members of the first cosmonaut squad, as well as prominent scientists of the Russian cosmonautics S. P. Korolev, V. P. Glushko, M. S. Ryazansky, V. I. Yazdovsky, E. A. Karpov, etc. The exhibition presents the ejection seat of the Vostok spacecraft with a parachute; various space instruments and many other items that fully and reliably reveal the history of the preparation and implementation of the world's first human flight into space. The Historical and Art Museum includes expositions and exhibitions dedicated to the nature and ecology of the Gagarinsky district, the foundation of the Gzhatskaya Pier, and the heroic pages of the Patriotic War of 1812. and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, as well as works of art on the theme of space by the country's leading space artists, including cosmonaut pilots A. A. Leonov and V. A. Dzhanibekov.

Interactive exhibition "the Cottage tea". "Wherever I went, I would never have passed by..." - says a Russian folk proverb. This fully applies to the interactive museum exhibition "Izba-Chaynaya", which, having visited once, you want to return again and again. Izba-chaynaya is not only a small museum, where the main elements of the interior are the symbols and attributes of the village hut, and objects of peasant life. This is also a small cozy cafe, where you can drink fragrant tea with the famous Gzhatsky buns at a large dining table. Russian cuisine has always been famous for its teas — black, herbal, and green. In the izba-teahouse, you can drink tea from a 10-liter samovar, in addition, here every visitor can become a participant in various animation programs together with the mischievous and sonorous folk ensemble "Gzhatchanochka". You will be transported to a hundred years ago and learn about ancient rites and customs. Warm hospitality and incredible atmosphere will make a visit to the house-the tea a memorable one!

Convenient location near the Memorial Complex of Yuri Gagarin and the souvenir shop "Gzhatskaya Sloboda", a small free parking will pleasantly complement your stay in the izba-tea house.

Interesting Facts

Exclusive programs are of constant interest to tourists from all over the world: "Visiting the Gagarin family" with the participation of Yuri Gagarin's niece Tamara Dmitrievna Filatova, where in a relaxed atmosphere, over a cup of tea, the program participants will learn about the traditions, customs and way of life of the Gagarin family, as well as for adult visitors — "Reception in the Gagarin living room" (Russian cuisine based on family recipes and in the best traditions of the Gagarin family hospitality).

35 km from the city is one of the most beautiful places in the area-the Vazuz reservoir.

The theme of the first space feat is presented in the form of exclusive programs: meetings with relatives of the first cosmonaut, Gagarin family cuisine, "Gagarin fishing" on the banks of the Yauz-Vazuz reservoir.

The museum has a folk crafts center.

The Historical and Art Museum is located in the former house of the merchants Tserevitinov, where the great Russian commander M. I. Kutuzov stayed in August 1812. The Art Gallery is a significant collection of works by space artists.