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Memorial Museum of A. K. Tolstoy in the village of Krasny Rog


Bryansk Oblast
Krasny Rog, Bryansk region.
the estate in krasny rog became alexey tolstoy's favorite place to stay after leaving the civil service. Here are written historical ballads, many lyrical poems, dramas "Tsar Boris", "Posadnik". now the memorial museum of a. k. tolstoy in the village of krasny rog is a place where authentic tolstoy objects are stored, giving an opportunity to immerse yourself in his work. Take a walk through the park, which has preserved ancient alleys and charming lime arbors-bosquettes, enjoy the beautiful and picturesque landscape, where you can still see trees, contemporaries of the poet.
the memorial museum of a. k. tolstoy in the village of krasny rog is the only museum of a. k. tolstoy in russia, which carefully and reverently preserves the memory of alexey konstantinovich.


The exposition of the A. K. Tolstoy Memorial Museum occupies ten halls. thanks to the beautiful exhibits, visitors can see the era of a. k. tolstoy, the way of life of the nobility. Each of the halls has its own content, each exhibited object has its own history and is closely connected with the biography of the writer, reveals the theme that is reflected in his work. The exhibition contains copies of portraits of Razumovsky, Perovsky, Tolstoy and Zhemchuzhnikov. Engravings with views of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Italy, Germany, as well as a collection of medallions by F. P. Tolstoy - the writer's uncle. Every year the number of items on display increases. So, thanks to active cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, 78 items were purchased in the museum, which adequately decorated and supplemented the exposition. A large number of items have been restored to restore them to their former grandeur and beauty


thanks to caring and sympathetic people from all over russia and not only, the memorial items have returned to their native places. The main part was brought from Odessa from the wife and the son of the Manager of the estate Krasnodarskoi Lysakova. in the city of novozybkov, interesting and valuable exhibits related to the krasnorogsky estate of a. k. tolstoy were identified and then brought to the museum. A desk, an armchair, a table for needlework, a bookcase made of Karelian birch, a table clock, a chest of drawers, a grand piano, a glass with an engraved coat of arms of the Tolstoy family, an ivory pencil case....all these items are the pearl and decoration of the museum of the beautiful Russian poet, playwright Alexey Konstantinovich Tolstoy. exhibits related to the poet's way of life are particularly popular among museum visitors.

Interesting Facts

In addition to the bright and colorful excursion part, guests of the museum have a great opportunity to participate in unique events, the list of which includes competitions, theatrical performances based on the works of A. K. Tolstoy, master classes, tea parties and quizzes, as well as charity events. Moreover, every year, on the first Saturday or Sunday of September, the estate hosts the All-Russian poetry Festival "Silver Lyre", which has been held for more than forty years.
The A. K. Tolstoy Memorial Museum is able to unite generations, allowing them to plunge into the world of creativity and beauty of the natural world.