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Literary and Musical Museum "Dacha of Chaliapin"


Stavropol Krai
Shalyapina str., 1, Kislovodsk, Stavropol Territory
Phones: +7 (87937) 67560
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In Kislovodsk, not far from the railway station, among the centuries-old firs and pines, there is an original Art Nouveau mansion built in 1903. The house that everyone in the resort city knows as Chaliapin's dacha. The greatest artist of the world opera Theater Fyodor Ivanovich Chaliapin rented this expensive mansion for his family. Old-timers of Kislovodsk remember the summer evenings of 1917, when the beautiful powerful voice of the singer poured out of the open windows of the living room.

Visitors can get acquainted with the permanent exhibitions "Chaliapin in the Caucasus" and "A. I. Solzhenitsyn-honorary citizen of Kislovodsk", as well as there are temporary exhibitions dedicated to the environment of Chaliapin, his roles, thematic exhibitions.


In 2018, the museum celebrated its 30th anniversary. Here you can learn about the work of the great opera singer Fyodor Ivanovich Chaliapin and about his stay in Kislovodsk, walking through the halls of the museum on your own or with a tour. Also, the museum constantly hosts events for schoolchildren dedicated to memorable dates of the history of Russia or anniversaries of great figures of culture and art.
In 2007, the only Hall of Russian Emigration in the south of Russia was opened in the second building of the museum, the exhibition of which is dedicated to the representatives of the first wave of post-revolutionary emigration, who are connected by close creative and friendly ties with F. I. Chaliapin. In this hall there is also an exhibition dedicated to the Honorary Citizen of Mr. Kislovodsk Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Baron Eduard Alexandrovich von Falz-Fein, thanks to whom the opening of this hall took place.

Interesting Facts

The most popular tour of the halls of the "Great Chaliapin", which tells about the history of the formation of the singer, his creative quest, family life and long years of wandering in a foreign land. You can book a tour on any day of the week.

Every Thursday and Saturday at 15.00 in the music salon of the museum begins a film screening of fragments of films about the life and work of F. I. Chaliapin, which ends with a tour of the halls of the museum.

At the end of August 1917, a charity concert suddenly took place - Fyodor Ivanovich sang for the people gathered near the house from the veranda of the dacha. This evening was deeply remembered by the residents of the city, and in memory of the extraordinary concert, this building was henceforth called only "Chaliapin's Dacha".