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The S.A. Esenin State Reserve Museum


Ryazan Oblast
the village of Konstantinovo, Ryazan region
Phones: +7 (4912) 55-03-06; +7 (910) 566-64-97
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The great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin was born in the village of Konstantinovo, 300 km from Ryazan, where he spent his childhood and youth. The Museum-reserve is beautifully located on the very Bank of the Oka river, surrounded by stunning views, forests, valleys, hills.


Here are concentrated things that belonged to Sergei Yesenin, his family, friends and acquaintances, as well as household items of the villages of Konstantinovo and Spas-Klepiki. The Foundation of the collection is the poet's personal belongings, some of which are presented in the literary exhibition and in the Museum of the poem "Anna snegina".
The collection "Manuscripts" contains handwritten texts and typescripts of the poet, his mother and sisters, L. I. Kashina, as well as manuscripts of Yesenin's contemporaries, memories of the poet, lyrical works dedicated to him, translations of poems by Sergei Yesenin into English and other languages.
The most significant part of the collection "photo" - the originals of the first quarter of the XX century. It is these years that Yesenin's photographs, which are of special historical, artistic and iconographic value, are dated. These are 39 photos, the main part of which is made by professional photographers. The collection includes portraits of Yesenin's family and friends, his contemporaries, views of the village of Konstantinovo and its surroundings.
The basis of the ethnographic collection is a collection of peasant clothing of the late XIX-early XX century, as well as samples of hand weaving.
A significant part of the Museum's collection is the "Books" collection. It includes handwritten, old-printed and rare books, modern editions (Yesenin's books, literature about his work and about the poet's contemporaries).
An important part of the collection "Magazines" – publications that belonged to the poet, and magazines with publications of his works.
The art collection of the Museum-reserve is extensive and unique: it includes hundreds of paintings and graphic works, sculpture and a large collection of ex-libris.


The memorial house-Museum of S. A. Yesenin was opened in 1965, to the 70th anniversary of the poet's birth. The house was recreated the situation that existed during the life of Sergei Yesenin. This was taken care of by his sisters, who carefully kept books, furniture, and utensils for many years.
In 1969, the house of the last Konstantinovskaya landowner housed a literary Museum. In the halls you could see the manuscripts of Sergei Yesenin, documents, books.
In 1984, the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR decided to create a state Museum-reserve Of S. A. Yesenin on the basis of the existing literary and memorial Museum in the village of Konstantinovo and memorial sites in the city of Spas-Klepiki.

Interesting Facts

The first published book by Sergei Yesenin was the collection "Radunitsa", which included 32 poems and the poem "Mikola". The collection of this collection is kept in the collections of The S.A. Esenin State Reserve Museum, which the Ryazan lyricist sent to his first literary mentor, a teacher of Russian language and literature of the Spas-Klepikov second-grade teacher's school, with the following autograph: "to the Good old teacher Evgeny Mikhailovich Khitrov from a grateful student, the author of this book. January 29, 1916. Petrograd".