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Perm State Art Gallery


Perm Krai
Komsomol pr. 4, Perm
Phones: +7 (342) 212 95 24
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The Perm art gallery is one of the first state art museums that appeared on a huge territory from Moscow to the Far East. This is the first art Museum in the Urals.


Perm state art gallery is the largest regional art Museum in Russia. It was founded in 1922. The gallery is located in the building of the former Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior, which is an architectural monument of the XIX century and a symbol of Perm.
At the time of opening, the collection consisted of about 150 works, today about 53,000 exhibits are stored in the collections. These are monuments of different epochs, art schools, types and genres of art-from Antiquity and Ancient Egypt to the work of contemporary artists of Perm, Russia, and Europe.
Many of the gallery's collections are now brands of the Perm region and the subject of its pride.
The pearl of the collection is a collection of Perm wooden sculpture. It is based on the monuments of the XVII-early XX centuries, collected in the Northern territories of the Perm region. Among the most striking sculptures are the figures of the seated Savior, the mother of God, Sabaoth, crucifixes, angels, apostles and evangelists. The works presented in the collection are examples of high artistic skill.
A unique collection of old Russian paintings of the XVI-XVII centuries. The icons were created in icon-painting workshops in Moscow, Central Russia, the Russian North and the Urals on orders of famous landowners, Industrialists and patrons of the Stroganovs. Among the masters are Istoma Savin, Nikita Savin, Simon Ushakov, Semyon Lame, Grigory and other icon painters.
Russian art of the XVIII-early XX centuries in the gallery's exposition is represented by authentic works of outstanding masters of painting, sculpture and graphics. Among them are the works of F. Rokotov and V. Borovikovsky, I. Argunov and K. Bryullov, F. Matveev, F. Bruni and V. Tropinin. The gallery's halls are decorated with marinas by I. Aivazovsky and A. Bogolyubov, works by I. kramsky, I. Repin, I. Shishkin, A. Kuindzhi, I. Levitan and other famous artists.
The collection of the Russian avant-garde opens to the audience the works of R. Falk, A. Lentulov, N. Goncharova, L. Popova, A. Rodchenko and other bright masters of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.
The collection of Western European art of the XV-XVIII centuries provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of masters of various European schools and presents the art of Italy, Holland, Flanders and France. Among the works of painting masters of the Italian Renaissance Antonio Viterbo, Francesco Granacci, Franciabigio. The painting schools of Flanders and Holland are represented by such names as Jacob Jordaens, Jan van Goyen, David Teniers Jr., Philippe Wouwermann, Cornelis de hem, Willem van ALST and others.

Interesting Facts

The Ural Hermitage is the name given to the Perm art gallery for its diverse collections, many of which are world-famous brands of the Perm region: unique "Perm gods", icons of the Stroganov school, Stroganov facial sewing, Russian avant-garde and other works of art.