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State Museum of History of Altai Literature, Art and Culture (GMILIKA)


Altai Krai
Altai Krai, Barnaul, ul. L. Tolstogo, 2
Phones: +7 (3852) 50-07-12
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The atmosphere of an old noble manorUnique exhibits of the Scythian period in the Altai, personal funds of V. Shukshin, the famous Siberian writer G. Grebenshchikov, N. Roerich, collections of sounding musical instruments, icons, handwritten, old printed books, materials about the history of cinema in the Altai.


A complex multifunctional cultural, historical and leisure center that occupies a prominent place in the cultural space of the city and the region, extremely open to the living cultural processes of Russia.
Many museum items are unique.
Among the most valuable materials of the museum fund are: documents and personal belongings of members of the family of N. K. Roerich, materials about the work of V. M. Shukshin, manuscripts and epistolary heritage of G. D. Grebenshchikov, autographs of F. I. Chaliapin and G. N. Potanin, theater posters of the beginning of the XX century on silk, rare musical instruments.
The thematic expositions include:
* materials of the expeditions of Professor S. I. Rudenko in the Altai, including: part of the original finds from the Pazyryk mounds and unique newsreel footage depicting the excavations; unique exhibits (VI - V centuries. the Scythian sword, the hilt of which is decorated with gold and images of griffin heads, and the memorial and burial complex of the Scythian era-the burial of a warrior, a representative of the Bystryan culture;
* collections of icons, handwritten and old printed books, theater posters of the beginning of the XX century on silk, rare musical instruments;
• materials that reveal the most interesting pages in the history of cinema in the Altai: the appearance of the first cinematografo, movie in the Altai, as well as materials about the work of our fellow filmmakers
Ia Pyreva, N. And. Lyrchikova, V. M. Shukshina, movie stars E. F. Savinova, Z. A. Vanin, N. N. Usatoday, V. S. Zolotukhin.

The exposition complex of the museum consists of 13 thematic halls that reflect the historical and cultural processes in the Altai territory from Scythian times to the present day, and 2 exhibition halls with rotating exhibitions.

The museum holds major cultural events, literary readings, creative meetings with cultural and art figures, offers a wide audience a variety of excursions and lectures, historical and cultural educational and concert programs.

The State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai develops the recreational and leisure direction: organizes museum holidays and master classes, festivals and days of entertaining museum leisure.

Visitors are constantly working:
• interactive exhibition "the Hut-playful squirrel. Weekdays and holidays of the Russian house»,
* historical and ecological trail "Noble Manor: Cultural space and natural environment".


The State Museum of the History of Altai Literature, Art and Culture was founded on September 8, 1989 in Barnaul on the basis of the literary and art collections of the Altai Regional Museum of Local Lore. The museum was founded by scientists and cultural figures of Altai, Russia, and the Russian Diaspora, including: the N. K. Roerich Museum in New York (USA); artists L. R. Tsesyulevich and I. R. Rudzite (Barnaul); sisters L. S. and M. S. Mitusov (St. Petersburg); film directors, public figures R. A. and Yu.V. Grigoriev; literary critic A. A. Makarov (Moscow); oriental historian V. A. Rosov; leading scientists of the universities of the region. The purpose of the new museum was formulated at the same time-to show the place and importance of Altai in the world cultural and historical development and the formation of Russian spirituality.
On May 29, 1992, the museum opened its doors for the first time in the new building and welcomed visitors.

Interesting Facts

The building of the museum – an old noble manor of urban type (XIX century) - is an object of cultural heritage of regional significance.

The Museum has three branches: the Memorial Museum of actress E. F. Savinova (p. Eltsovka El area), the Memorial Museum of the poet R. I. Rozhdestvensky (S. kosikha kosikhinskiy rayon) and the Memorial Museum of actor V. S. Zolotukhin (p. bystryy Istok Bystroistokskaya district).

TOP 5 events scheduled for 2021:
* For the International Day of Museums: The program of the State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai in the framework of the All-Russian campaign "Night of Museums-2021" - May
Traditionally, it includes museum events dedicated to significant events and dates, in various genres: from classical excursions to concerts, master classes, interactive programs and board games for all ages.
* On the birthday of R. I. Rozhdestvensky: Opening of the regional literary festival of Robert Rozhdestvensky – June
Opening of the festival dedicated to the memory of the legendary poet of the twentieth century R. Rozhdestvensky with the presentation of a collection of his poems from the poetry series of the Memorial Museum of R. I. Rozhdestvensky (issue 6).
* To the 80th anniversary of the birth of the People's Artist of the RSFSR V. S. Zolotukhin:
Opening of the memorial exhibition "Valery Zolotukhin and Altai" - June
The exhibition "Valery Zolotukhin and Altai" is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the People's Artist of Russia, which will be widely celebrated in the Altai Territory in June 2021. The exhibition will present documentary materials from the personal fund of V. S. Zolotukhin, reflecting the deep personal connection of this man with his small homeland, embodied in deeds and deeds: the construction of the Intercession Church in St. Petersburg. Bystry Istok, holding the annual national "Pokrovsky Festival" for 10 years, teaching activities at the Altai State Institute of Culture, artistic leadership of the Altai Youth Theater, and much more than this man was remembered by his fellow countrymen.
* Museum festival of entertaining leisure "The man playing (Homo ludens)" - September
An annual festival that presents museum expositions and exhibits in a bright, playful way. A variety of interactive and game programs, concerts and master classes for the whole family and friendly company. The festival's motto: "Entertaining, enlighten! •
* Closing of the exhibition of the best works and the awarding ceremony of the winners and laureates of the X International photo contest "Wildlife of Altai", held as part of the festival of protected culture of the same name-January
The annual photo contest of ecological subjects, representing the unique nature and wildlife of individual protected areas of the Altai.