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State Museum of A.M. Gorky


Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
Nizhny Novgorod, Postal congress, 21
come to Nizhny Novgorod to see the house where the writer maxim gorky lived in his childhood and from the memories of which he wrote his famous story "childhood"; get to know the life of a pre-revolutionary russian family.


The basis of the exposition of the Maxim Gorky Museum of Childhood is a home environment preserved in a natural historical environment with household items from the century before last, including things that belonged directly to the Kashirin family.
The building itself is a one-story log house with five rooms. Here are the kitchen, the room of the writer's grandfather and grandmother, the room of their eldest son Mikhail (uncle Alyosha Peshkov) and the lower "working" room. near the house you can see fragments of the preserved landscape of the pre-revolutionary period.
thanks to a visit to this house-museum, fans of gorky's work can better and deeper understand the context of the autobiographical work "childhood" and the feelings that the writer put into the story.


In the "house of kashirin", which is part of the state museum of a.m. gorky, you can learn about the childhood of the great writer. Subsequently, the details of this house and life in it Maxim Gorky reflected in his autobiographical work "Childhood".
The museum is located on the territory of the former estate of Vasily Kashirin-Maxim Gorky's grandfather. here alyosha peshkov (real name of the writer maxim gorky) lived in 1871-1872.
The mansion, which houses the museum's exposition, was built at the end of the XVIII century. currently, it is recognized as a monument of history and culture of federal significance.
When creating the museum" Kashirin's House", first of all, the description of this house in the story" Childhood " and the drawing of the house, which in 1936 was made by Maxim Gorky himself, were taken as a basis. When recreating the environment in which the young Alexey Peshkov lived, archival documents, memories of local old-timers, as well as relatives of the Kashirins and a friend of Gorky's mother were also used.
The museum was opened in 1938, and this event was preceded by two years of restoration work.
During the Great Patriotic War, "Kashirin's House" was the only active museum in the city, while its most valuable exhibits were temporarily evacuated. And it is still one of the most popular and visited museums in the city.
It is the unique, authentic atmosphere of the house, which takes visitors to the times of pre-revolutionary Russia and gives detailed information about the life of the writer and his neighbors-Nizhny Novgorod residents in the XIX century, attracts a huge number of tourists here.

Interesting Facts

In the museum you can see the exhibition "Familiar characters motley circle", which presents dolls depicting the characters of Gorky's story "Childhood". they were made by pupils of the nizhny novgorod theater school named after e. evstigneev.
The museum staff conducts excursions for visitors: "Alyosha Peshkov in the middle-class Kashirin family", "Life and customs of Nizhny Novgorod philistines", "The story" Childhood — - the eternal Russian book".
The museum contains editions of the story "Childhood", published in different languages of the world.
A unique exhibit of the museum is a burlat strap of the XIX century. It reminds of the backbreaking work of boatmen-people who, with the help of only their own strength and a leather belt (strap), pulled ships along the river. This phenomenon was widely practiced on the Volga for several centuries (from the XVI to the XIX centuries). the strap had a load of several tens of kilograms. one of these boatmen was once the grandfather of the writer maxim gorky, vasily kashirin.