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Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Museum

A small complex of museums in the native village of the founder of cosmonautics
Izhevskoye is a large and ancient village in the depths of the Ryazan region. In 1857, a local forester named Eduard Tsiolkovsky had a son Konstantin, who later went down in history as the “father” of theoretical cosmonautics. At the entrance to the village, you can see the Museum, erected in 1977. Three halls of the museum are dedicated to the history and life of Izhevskoye in the middle of the 19th century, the personal life and works of K. E. Tsiolkovsky and the Soviet space program at the time the Museum was established.

Of particular interest to visitors are exhibits such as the full-size model of the first “09” rocket, cosmonaut clothing, space food samples and the landing vehicle of the “Soyuz-22” spacecraft.

Izhevskoye is also home to the Tsiolkovsky House Museum, which was opened in 2007 in the scientist’s childhood home. No original items of the Tsiolkovsky family have been preserved since that time, so the museum instead reveals the old life of Izhevskoye as a large and rich village whose peasants succeeded in producing and selling barrels.


Ryazan Oblast
23 Zelenaya Str., Izhevskoye Village, Ryazan Region
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Ryazan, from Prioksky bus station to Spassk-Ryazansky