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Chekhov House & Museum in Yalta

The writer personally planned a garden around the "White Dacha" and planted trees, shrubs and flowers in it - it has survived to this day approximately 30% of his plants.
Hot sun, resinous from pine trees mountain air and water of the Black Sea - the southern coast of Crimea by nature itself was destined to become Russian Riviera. In 1898, on the advice of doctors, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov decided to settle in Yalta, where he moved with his mother and sister. The writer bought a plot of land two kilometers from the embankment, in the Tatar village of Autke (now suburb of Yalta Chekhovo). Designed by the famous Crimean architect Lev Shapovalov, a house and an outbuilding were built up in a year, the locals nicknamed them "White dacha" for the colour of the walls. Here Anton Chekhov lived and worked until 1904: among others, he wrote famous plays "Three Sisters" and "The Cherry Orchard". The atmosphere in the house remained the same as it was during the life of the writer, and the priceless literary archive was reserved, too. One of the highlights of the collection can be considered Chekhov's philatelic collection. The writer had collected about 30 packages of stamps, among which there are samples from various countries. Two more places are associated with the name of Chekhov in Crimea: the Gurzuf dacha of the writer and dacha Omur ".


Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Yalta, Kirov st. 112
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