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Kovrov historical and memorial Museum


Vladimir Oblast
Abelman str., 20, Kovrov, Vladimir region
Phones: +7 (49232) 2-27-51, +7(49232) 2-19-25
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On the Bank of the Klyazma river stands the beautiful Russian city of Kovrov, which is rarely visited by tourists, but where the rich history of the Vladimir land is carefully protected. To get in touch with the past of your country and feel the real Russian spirit, you need to visit the Kovrov historical and memorial Museum. It contains unique exhibits from the time of the Mongol-Tatar invasion to the great Patriotic war (World war II). That is why history lovers should definitely include the Museum in their itinerary.


A significant part of the unique exhibits is located in the main building of the Museum which is placed in the former District Administration office. The building of 1888-1889 is easy to notice, even accidentally passing through the streets of the city. The red brick of the building gives it a grandeur and a special charm, thereby distinguishing it from the surrounding architecture.

Today the Museum has many expositions dedicated to the history of Kovrov and Vladimir lands: "Kovrov land from ancient times to the XI century", "County town at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries", "Forever in the memory of the people". The collections contain more than 60 thousand unique exhibits. Special attention should be paid to clay products and embroidery created by local craftsmen, stuffed animals that inhabit this region, paleontological and archaeological finds from different times, old postcards and photos with views of the city, and much more.


The heritage of small towns is a great value that we must keep safe and protect. Kovrov historical and memorial Museum is one of the keepers of the Vladimir land. The long history of the Museum dates back to the 20s of the last century. And today the Kovrov historical and memorial Museum is the center of historical local lore of the Vladimir region, which has recently been developing more and more actively.
The existence of the Kovrov historical and memorial Museum was not always calm and stable. Repeated changes of premises, a fire in 1942, a long and laborious recovery after the tragedy, the formation of funds - all this had to go through the Museum of the city.
Today, as a member of the Association of museums of the Lower Oka, the institution is a permanent participant of the all-Russian festival "Intermuseum". A number of the Museum's original projects received grants from the President of the Russian Federation, the Department of culture of the Vladimir region administration, and others.

Interesting Facts

A few people know that Kovrov was awarded the title of city of military glory, awarded to the city for its huge contribution to the victory over the Nazi invaders. During the war, an outstanding Russian weapons designer, V. A. Degtyarev, worked in Kovrov. Kovrov historical and memorial Museum provides an opportunity for its visitors to get acquainted with small arms developed by the designer. More recently, the Museum received sapper shovels from the first World war and the great Patriotic war (World war II) and items from the Seldyukov A. M. complex, a participant in the great Patriotic war (World war II), in particular, the defense of Leningrad. The Museum complex manages the V. A. Degtyarev house-Museum, located a 5-minute walk from the main building at 6-a Degtyarev street.