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Valentin Rasputin Museum


Irkutsk Oblast
Sverdlova str. 20, Irkutsk
Phones: +7 (3952) 25-98-25
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Valentin Rasputin – one of Irkutsk's treasured authorsThe Museum is dedicated to the life and work of the outstanding writer of the second half of the XX century, Valentin Grigoryevich Rasputin. The exposition of the Museum is built on memorial objects, reveals the writer and his era.


Museum has two exhibition halls with modern multimedia equipment.
The exposition of the hall, located in the basement, introduces visitors to the Museum with biographies of the writer. Here are personal belongings, photos, documents, awards of Valentin Rasputin. An interactive panel with a family tree allows you to learn the history of the Rasputin family. Film and video materials help to plunge into the atmosphere of the time in which the writer lived and worked.
On the first floor of the Museum's exposition opens the world of creativity of Valentin Rasputin. Here you can get acquainted with the works of the writer, and if you want to read the most famous stories. The Museum gives visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the electronic dictionary of folk words of the writer's language (the project of its creation was supported by a grant from the President of the Russian Federation). The dictionary is an audio-visual complex, which reflects the main words and phrases taken by the writer from his native places. They are placed in the form of quotations from his works with comments – text, visual, and audio.
The Central part of the entire Museum is the reconstruction of the writer's memorial office. The items presented in it were in the Irkutsk apartment of Valentin Rasputin. The memorial office of the writer allows you to see his working environment: a table, a chair, a typewriter, furniture, a collection of bells and dymkov toys, icons. The study contains a part of the writer's library. These are the books that surrounded the writer, created an atmosphere of creativity.
A unique exhibit is a collection of bells.
Valentin Rasputin was a collector of bells. Bells are associated with inspiration, which is so necessary for a creative person.
"Opposite, on the other wall, there is a similar Cabinet with my toys – a collection of small bells brought almost from all over the world – glass, porcelain, clay, wood, copper, cast iron, stone – the most intricate shapes and figures. There's a lot of me in them, too: I like to look at them before I start working. When I am satisfied with myself (and this is rarely the case), I go and admire them until I hear a soft, iridescent polyphony repeating and adding my phrases. The first sounds appear before I touch the bells, they are pumped out by a glass girl in a red handkerchief tied under her chin: two tiny buckets hang from a rocker slung over her head over her shoulders. In them, crystal splashes are heard. Then comes a good fellow with a raised hat, in which the tongue is hidden, pronouncing the greeting... "("Vision", 1997)


"The Museum of V. G. Rasputin" was opened on March 15, 2017 on the day of the 80th anniversary of the writer.
The Museum of V. G. Rasputin is located in a traditional Irkutsk wooden one-story mansion on a stone basement-a monument of regional significance "House with a gate". It is known that it was built in 1887 by the heirs of the merchant Balakshin. In 2016, The center for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the Irkutsk region in the building was renovated and adapted the object for the Museum of V. G. Rasputin. However, Valentin Rasputin himself has never been in this building. The decision to place the Museum in a one-story wooden house was made because such a building is most in tune with the work of the writer. And, indeed, inside the Museum building, everything literally breathes the atmosphere of the works of Valentin Rasputin – a low doorway, wooden walls and many Windows through which light penetrates into the room on the first floor - all this makes the interior rustic simple and natural.

Interesting Facts

The Museum of V. G. Rasputin has its own shop, where visitors can buy gift editions of books by Valentin Rasputin and other Siberian writers, as well as bas-reliefs and busts of the writer, various Souvenirs with the symbols of the Museum, views of the city.