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Rakhmaninov preserve-museum “Ivanovka”


Tambov Oblast
Ivanovka village, Uvarovo district
Phones: +7 (915) 8641055
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It is worth coming to Ivanovka to feel the amazing atmosphere of the gardens, shady park and estate that Sergei Rachmaninov loved so much. Almost everything written by the composer in the last 17 years of his life in Russia passed through Ivanovka.


"Quiet harbor, where the soul of S. V. Rachmaninov invariably strove" - this is how you can describe a small estate in the village of Ivanovka. In the past, the estate belonged to the composer's relatives, and after marriage it passed into his possession - an unremarkable wooden manor house surrounded by fields, which became his family.
The manor's exposition is represented by A. A. Satin's study, a library, a billiard room, a drawing-room, rooms of V. A. Satina and S. A. Satina, a music salon, etc.
The park attracts special attention of visitors. It consisted of two alleys: maple and red. The latter was so called because it was lined with red bricks. When Sergei Vasilyevich walked along this alley, everyone understood that the process of composing music "in his head" was going on. This alley still attracts those who want to walk and play music. Syringarium blooms in the park annually in May. Today, about 60 varieties of shrubs, which the composer loved so much, are planted here. People from different parts of the country come to see the bloom.


The Satins, the owners of the estate, were very hospitable. The estate was always full of guests. Rakhmaninov welcomed his relatives – the Satins, the Skalons, the Zilotys, the Trubnikovs – and friends. Rakhmaninov loved Ivanovka gardens, vast shady park, ponds, fresh air and the aroma of the nearby fields and meadows.

Lilac was the gem of Ivanovo Park. The lilac “spheres” (huge lilac flowerbeds) were scattered all over the park. Some lilac bushes were planted even between the fruit trees.

In Ivanovka Rakhmaninov released the stress caused by the life in the capital. The rural life made him open. Almost all Rakhmaninov’s works composed during his last 17 years in Russia were filled with Ivanovka atmosphere. In Ivanovka he composed his symphonic plays “The Rock”, “Isle of Dead”, “Caprice bohѐmien”, the 1st and 2nd symphonies, operas “Monna Vanna”, “The Miserly Knight” and “Francesca da Rimni”, “Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom”, poem “The Bells”, the 1st , 2nd, 3rd and 4th piano and orchestra concerts. In Ivanovka Sergey Rakhmaninov composed 24 preludes, 9 etudes, 2 sonatas, 49 romances.

The estate was destroyed during Russian civil war. All 24 Ivanovka buildings were destroyed including the park. On June, 18, 1982 Rakhmaninov House Museum was opened. In 1987 it was reorganized into the Estate Museum.

Interesting Facts

Since 1982 the estate has been hosting International Music Festival named after S. Rakhmaninov. Concerts and master-classes of outstanding musicians are held there annually.