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The Museum Of Norilsk


Krasnoyarsk Krai
Norilsk, Leninsky Prospekt, 14
alone or with the help of the audio guide to see the geological and paleontological history of the territory of Norilsk from Archean times to the present day, learn the history of the discovery and construction of mines, to see the different schools and directions of Russian art of the second half of the twentieth century.


Museum collections have more than 76 thousand items of storage. The most valuable items of the collections: a unique collection of materials N. N. Urvantseva on the history of development of the North and the opening of Norilsk, Foundation for the history of the Norilsk labor camp NKVD (personal belongings and household items of the prisoners of the Norillag), the mineralogical collection of rare and unique finds on the territory of Taimyr, collection of ethnographic objects of material culture of indigenous peoples of Taimyr. The museum's collection includes numismatics, archaeology and paleontology. moreover, a significant part of the funds consists of collections of written sources and film-phono-photo funds.
One of the essential directions of the museum's work on the territory was the support and development of contemporary art as a new way of understanding and documenting Norilsk modernity, forming a new view of the city, and creative self-expression. Every year, the Norilsk Museum holds an All-Russian competition for artists and curators for the opportunity to implement projects. the art residence also hosts events and workshops of norilsk artists, as well as various experimental creative formats.
today, the museum presents an exhibition that tells about the life of the geological expedition of 1923-1924. the house-museum is located next to the main building of the norilsk museum. In the museum square you can see the monument to N. N. Urvantsev – the first house of Norilsk was built by the first geological exploration expedition of Urvantsev in the summer of 1921. In this house, the scientist, discoverer of the Norilsk deposits and one of the founders of the city, Nikolai Nikolayevich Urvantsev, spent the first winter.


Norilsk Museum is one of the largest municipal museum associations in the country. The main building of the museum is located in the city center and is its hallmark. Permanent exhibitions of the museum are devoted to the history of the development of the North, ethnography and nature of Taimyr, the history of the city of the Norillag period.
The Museum of the History of the NPR was founded in 1939 – four years after the decision was made to build the Norilsk Combine and transfer Norilskstroy to the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. According to the archive of the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine (NMMC), the beginning of the formation of the museum was laid by the order of the head of the Norilsk Combine A. P. Zavenyagin No. 266 of June 8, 1939. The first exhibition was located in a large basement room of a barrack on one of the first streets of the village of Norilsk – Zavodskoy.
In 1989, the departmental museum of the combine was granted the status of a state museum.
At the end of 2002, the museum began reconstruction, which lasted two years. During the construction of the permanent exhibition, the museum's traditions were combined with modern technologies. on april 15, 2005, the renovated museum received its first visitors, who were able to get acquainted with the exhibition both independently and with the help of an audio guide.
in 2016, the museum of the history of development and development of the norilsk industrial district was merged with the norilsk art gallery. opened in october 2016, the polart residence also joined the museum association in norilsk, which since november 2016 is officially called the mbu "museum and exhibition complex "museum of norilsk".
norilsk museum-winner of the city and regional competitions "inspiration" as the " best museum "(1997, 1998, 2010). twice winner of the krasnoyarsk international museum biennale and winner of the special prize of the biennale in the categories "periodicals", "museum postcard", "museum videos". winner of the international competition among the branches of memorial for educational activities and preservation of historical memory. The museum carries out active cultural and educational, research, publishing activities, is the winner of various grant competitions.

Interesting Facts

The museum includes the house-museum "First House of Norilsk", the Talnakh branch of the museum and the Kayerkan Exhibition Hall.
Today, the art fund of the museum complex has more than five thousand works and gives a fairly complete picture of the various schools and directions of Russian fine art of the second half of the XX century. The "Golden Fund" consists of works by folk artists Sergey Bazilev, Eduard Bragovsky, Alexey Gritsai, Vasily Efanov, Evgeny Kibrik, Helium Korzhev, Leonard Turzhansky, Vasily Yakovlev, Peter Ossovsky, Igor Obrosov. A significant part of the collection is the work of artists of Siberia, among which the works of artists of Taimyr occupy an honorable place.
The museum organizes major cultural events and more than 100 exhibitions a year, both its own and joint – interregional and inter-museum.
currently, work is underway to design a new exhibition on the 3rd floor of the museum.