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State sports Museum


Kazakova str., 18, Moscow
Phones: +7 (495) 995-35-50
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See a wide variety of sports awards - from medals and cups to badges and diplomas. Learn interesting facts from the biography of Champions, as well as get acquainted with the history of Russian and Soviet sports.


The Museum's collection is divided into 20 thematic collections. Among them, the most famous items were items from the section "Sports cups and prizes".

The most extensive collections are "Sports posters and banners", "Sports badges and medals" and "Sports certificates and diplomas".

Visitors can also learn about athletes who fought at battlefronts, about the development of sports during the Soviet era, and learn more about the history of the Olympic games by studying Olympic medals from different years.

The Museum's collections include ceremonial costumes of the national teams of the USSR and Russia, sports uniforms and equipment that existed in different years, sports paraphernalia and Olympic Souvenirs, items that reflect the history of sports in pre-revolutionary Russia, and many other interesting rarities.

The collections contain more than 80,000 unique exhibits that symbolize the traditions and glory of Russian and Soviet sports. Three hundred of items in the Museum have no analogues in the world.


The state sports Museum is a unique place where pivotal and the most important sports values and rarities are collected. It was created during the Soviet era, in 1987, and revived 13 years later thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of sports, tourism and youth policy of Russia, as well as the enthusiasm of sports historians and specialists in the field of sports.

Permanent expositions opened here since 2010 allow you to acquaint everyone with the history of national sports, its heroes and victories.

More than 50,000 people visit the Museum every year. In a short period of time, it has become the flagship among sports museums and is currently considered the only state Museum with such a large-scale collection of exhibits.

Interesting Facts

Concerning the number of exhibits per square meter, the State sports Museum ranks first among all sports museums in the world.

On the institution's website, you can go on a 3d tour of its halls or watch a video tour of the Museum. There are also photos of exhibits from the funds, and young Internet users can take a quiz on the knowledge of the history of sports on the site.

The institution conducts interesting quests for children, during which they learn interesting information from the field of sports in a playful way.

Since 2015, the Museum has been implementing the project "Excursion with an athlete", during which the winners and prize-winners of the Olympic games, world and European Championships personally conduct excursions and creative meetings with schoolchildren, students, pupils of sports schools and just sports lovers. The hero of the project tells about the sport in which he achieved success, and about his path to victory.

Every week, the Museum staff invites for excursions - students, young people, orphans and difficult teenagers, as well as veterans.

State sports Museum is publishing its own magazine "the Bulletin of the history of sports". This is the first edition to publish articles about the history of physical education, sports, and a healthy lifestyle.

Since 2010, the Museum has organized almost four dozen traveling exhibitions.