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State memorial Museum-Reserve “The Battle of Stalingrad"


Volgograd Oblast
47 Ulitsa imena Marshala VI Chuikova, Volgograd
Phones: +7 (8442) 550-083
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The Museum "battle of Stalingrad" consists of 8 logically connected exhibition halls, 4 thematic dioramas and the Triumphal hall-the ceremonial hall of the entire architectural complex. The Fund collections of the Museum-reserve number 165,804 items, the panorama Museum exhibits more than 4,000 exhibits, including posters, leaflets, orders of the command, protocols of party and Komsomol meetings, front-line Newspapers, photographs, battle banners, awards and personal belongings of participants of the battle of Stalingrad, weapons and military equipment.
The classic exhibition is complemented by multimedia complexes using 3D mapping technologies.


The panorama Museum "battle of Stalingrad" is located on the territory of the landmark "Heroic defense of Stalingrad by soldiers of the 13th Guards division and the Volga military flotilla in 1942-1943".
The building was built by the chief architect of Volgograd E. V. Maslyaeva, architectural design is based on the dramatic contrast of the ruins of the mill and modern facilities. The building is built on two levels: on the first there is a Museum, a storage facility, and an administrative part; on the roof platform there is a rotunda of the panorama. In addition, on the territory of the Museum there is a monument to the history of Federal significance – " Historical reserve-ruins of the mill. Grudinina", which together with the building of the panorama Museum and the nearby memorials of the battle of Stalingrad (Rodimtsev wall, Pavlov House, monuments to the sailors of the Volga Military flotilla, etc.) is a single historical and cultural complex, is part of the cultural heritage of regional significance.
The Grand opening of the complex took place on may 6, 1985, on the eve of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war.

Interesting Facts

The panorama Museum is one of the leading military-historical museums dedicated to the events of the Second world war and the great Patriotic war.
One of the main monumental monuments of Volgograd and the key exhibit of the panorama Museum is the artistic panorama "the Defeat of the German fascist troops at Stalingrad". The painting measures 120 meters in diameter, 16 meters in height (2 thousand square meters) and is the largest panorama in the Russian Federation.