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Museum of the World Ocean


Kaliningrad Oblast
Peter the Great emb. 1, Kaliningrad
Phones: +7 4012 531-744
Web site:
The only comprehensive Maritime Museum in Russia and one of the best Maritime museums in the world. It represents the Embankment of historical ships. Here you can make amazing discoveries, "dive" into the depths of the sea, plunge into the world of sea adventures and visit unique ships that have left their mark on the history of the study and development of the world's Oceans


The Museum, established in 1990, today is a large coastal complex of 7 buildings and five ships moored at the Museum Embankment. Guests can Board the legendary NIS Vityaz (measured the depth of the Mariana trench) or walk through the compartments of the real submarine B-413. In the exhibition, You will meet the unique GOA "Mir-1", which took part in the filming of the film" Titanic " (directed by James Cameron), the largest Museum skeleton of a sperm whale. Here you can also see the skeleton of a gray whale (only three skeletons of this animal are presented in Russian museums). Going to the branch of the Museum in Svetlogorsk, guests will make the most vivid and exotic trip to Southeast Asia.

Interesting Facts

Interesting festivals
1) Fairy Tales of the old town or the long sausage festival. It takes place on the second Saturday of February. In 2021, the event is scheduled for February 13. A fun winter gastronomic festival with a carnival procession, theatrical performances, quests and fun contests. There is also a foot court.
2) Herring Day. A real fish mega-festival that gathers a huge number of guests and participants. This is a great opportunity to try fish dishes from different peoples of the world, see all the objects and expositions of the Museum, enjoy the performance of creative teams, become a participant in quests and master classes. One of the most popular holidays in the region, invented and held By the Museum of the World ocean. It takes place on the second Saturday of April (in 2021, it is planned to hold April 10)
3) Museum night. The event will be held on the night of may 14-15, on the eve of the International Museum day. On this night, guests have a great opportunity to become a guest of the Museum's expositions at an unusual time and watch the night life of the inhabitants of aquariums, make a virtual dive on GOA MIR-1, visit the engine room of the legendary NIS "Vityaz" and go down into its holds.
4) The Day Of The Vest. The fun and most striped holiday takes place in August. In 2021, it is scheduled for August 19. Guests will enjoy sports competitions, a beauty contest for the most striped pet, quests and an introduction to the fascinating history of the most famous sea shirt.
5) Water Assembly. On the second Sunday of September, which in 2021 falls on the 11th, the traditional festival of historical vessels "Water Assembly"will be held. A bright holiday on the water gathers guests on the Museum embankment. Scene – the river Pregolya. This is where the most interesting thing unfolds. Parade of historical vessels, regatta "mile of the knight", performance of representatives of water sports. Here you can learn how to knit sea knots, set sail, paint weather vanes and, of course, taste the favorite dishes of sailors.