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Alexey Tolstoy Museum


Spiridonovka str., 2, p. 1, Moscow
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The house where Alexey Tolstoy lived from 1941 until the last days of his lifeTolstoy's apartment is fascinating, like the writer himself, who, like the hero of his work, Count Cagliostro, was able to revive dead matter with creative imagination. The interior items – antique furniture, paintings, lamps, porcelain – were selected by the owner of the house himself, who loved things that bear the stamp of history.


The memorial exhibition completely recreates the interior of the study, living room and corridor. In the study the influence of the "Petrine theme": here you can see portraits of Peter I, Catherine I, Hetman Danylo Apostol, painting with images of sailing frigates, the cast of the lifetime mask of Peter I, pisarska inkwell, candle holder, ship's clock... All these things gave the writer the opportunity to immerse themselves in the era, to feel the connection of times.
Russian Russian and foreign classics, Soviet writers, books on art, folklore, Russian and universal history, literature about the epochs of Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great,and the Civil War are located in the corridor, in bookcases. Many books store the writer's notes.
In his house, Tolstoy often received guests. It was often visited by K. I. Chukovsky, I. G. Ehrenburg, I. L. Andronikov, A. T. Tvardovsky, P. D. Korin, I. M. Moskvin, V. I. Kachalov, S. M. Mikhoels, I. S. Kozlovsky, P. L. Kapitsa, G. S. Ulanova and many other figures of art, literature, and science.
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The house where Alexey Tolstoy lived is part of the former Ryabushinsky estate, built in the early XX century by the architect F. O. Shekhtel, and is organically part of the historically developed cultural complex near the Nikitsky Gate. Here are the Church of the Great Ascension, where Alexander Pushkin was married; the house where A. A. Blok stayed in 1904; the museum-apartment of M. Gorky, located in the former Ryabushinsky mansion.
When designing the estate, the architect F. O. Shechtel, in addition to the master's house and the servants ' wing, included in the ensemble a small carriage row, a garage, a laundry, a janitor's room and an atypical cowshed for a city estate. After the revolution, the wing housed the editorial offices of magazines and newspapers edited by A.M. Gorky.
The museum was opened on October 20, 1987, the exposition was created on the basis of the memorial collection of A. N. Tolstoy, transferred to the State Museum of the History of Russian Literature named after V. I. Dal by the will of the writer's widow L. I. Tolstoy in 1983.

Interesting Facts

The museum remains the same hospitable home as it was under Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy. It hosts literary evenings, meetings with contemporary artists and writers, and numerous programs for children and teenagers.

The museum is constantly updating the theme of the excursion programs. Currently, the most popular are the cycles of interactive excursion and game classes for children of primary and secondary school age "In the footsteps of the heroes of Alexey Tolstoy" and "Whatever the child likes..." (based on folk applied art), as well as author's excursions with elements of a concert for an adult audience "Around the Piano", which offer to consider the personality of Alexey Tolstoy through the prism of his musical hobbies.