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The State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno


Moscow, Dolskaya St., 1
Phones: +7 495 322-44-33
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Одно из самых интересных мест в Москве, в котором можно провести целый деньTsaritsyno was designed exclusively by Russian architects. These were the best architects of the 18th century – first Vasily Bazhenov (from 1776 to 1785) and then Matvey Kazakov (1786-1796).


Tsaritsyno state museum-reserve was founded in the 18th century as a suburb residence of the Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. The 400 hectares’ territory includes the architectural complex, greenhouses, historical landscaped park with ponds, light and dynamic fountain, gift shops and cafes. The architecture ensemble was built in Neo-Gothic style. This is the place for the exhibitions, festivals, concerts, education and sports. The Grand Palace and the historical park are the places where different excursions, photo shoots and weddings can be organized.


Tsaritsyno Museum, which includes a palace complex and a park, is one of the largest museums in Moscow. Tsaritsyno was founded by Empress Catherine the Great as her country residence and it’s the only Pseudo-Gothic palace in Russia. Two prominent Russian architects, Vasily Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov, designed the plans for the Grand, Middle and Small Palaces, the Bread House (Kitchens), the Cavalry buildings, the Orangery buildings, various gates and bridges, a cascade of ponds and a large landscape park.

After the death of Catherine the Great, her heir, Emperor Paul I, stopped the construction of palaces. By that time the Grand Palace was almost finished. After 200 years of gradual destruction, the historical outlook of Tsaritsyno was carefully restored.

Interesting Facts

Tsaritsyno is one of the few places in Moscow where marriage registrations can take place out of the registry office both for Russian citizens and foreigners.