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Belgorodsky State Historical and Local History Museum


Belgorod Oblast
Belgorod, Popova str. 2A
Phones: +7 (4722) 32-16-76
Web site: бгикм.рф
Get acquainted with the ancient history, culture, flora and fauna of the Belgorod region; make dishes from clay, work at an old Russian spinning wheel or at a mini-loom.


The diversity of the Museum's collections is amazing: these are antique furniture, clothing, dishes, cold and firearms (both Russian and foreign), old household items, as well as paintings, graphics and even postage stamps. The Museum also presents orders, medals,and awards.
As part of the natural science section – 6 thousand samples that give an idea of the plant and animal world of the Belgorod region. The most interesting collections are insects, shells, birds and bird eggs, animals and plants, including rare specimens listed in the Red books of Russia and the Belgorod region.
The Museum has a collection of archaeological finds, which is unique in its diversity. It includes ancient household items, weapons, tools and objects of worship that reflect the longest period in the history of mankind (from the stone age to the late middle ages) and characterize the tribes and peoples who inhabited the territory of this region — Scythians, Sarmatians, Alans, Bulgars, Khazars, Polovtsians, proto-Slavs.
There is also a collection of bonistics, which represents the main types of paper banknotes, securities, shares, letters of credit, bills of exchange, bonds and reflects the main areas of their use.


Belgorodsky State Historical and Local History Museum is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the region. It was opened in 1924 as a branch of the Kursk provincial Museum and was originally housed in the prison of the men's Trinity monastery.
In a short time, the Museum's funds were formed, and already in the first years of its operation, the number of exhibits reached eight thousand.
Unfortunately, during the great Patriotic war, the Nazi occupiers destroyed and looted all Museum valuables. After the war, we had to start collecting exhibits again. The Museum resumed its work in 1948, in the house number 42 on Frunze street.
In 1963, the city Museum of local lore received the status of a regional Museum, and ten years later it opened to visitors in the building of the Transfiguration Cathedral.
In 1991, the Cathedral was returned to the Orthodox Church, and the Museum moved again – this time to a new building specially erected for it.
In 1994, the Museum opened the exhibition " bringing back the memory of the past...". The exhibits presented on it introduce the unique natural monuments of the Belgorod region and the diversity of its flora and fauna, as well as tell about the history of these places from ancient times to the present.
Currently, the Museum's collections number more than 160 thousand exhibits. Every year, the Belgorod state Museum of local history is visited by more than 80 thousand people.
The Museum has two branches - a monument of Federal significance "in honor of the heroes of the battle of Kursk" and the educational center "fortress City "Yablonov", located in the village of Yablonovo, Belgorod region.

Interesting Facts

Russian Russian spinning wheel spinning master class with a story about the history of this ancient Russian device can be held in the Museum and educational center "fortress City "Yablonov". Another interesting program will tell you about the traditional art of making clothes from linen for this region. Guests will learn how to weave cloth on small machines, as well as sew with the help of a special old device – a sewing machine.
There are also interactive programs that introduce you to key events of Russian history, with fun old Russian holidays.
Russian Russians can also take part in traditional tea gatherings, and after a fascinating conversation about Russian traditions, guests will be able to make their clay tea dishes without using a Potter's wheel.