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Alexander Popov Central Museum of Communications

Exhibition of space communications in one of the best technical museums on Russia
The Museum of Communications, located close to St. Isaac's Cathedral, is housed in the former Palace of the Chief Director of the Post, Chancellor A. A. Bezborodko, built in 1871 by Giacomo Quarenghi. By 1873, a small Telegraph Museum has been opened in it. After the death of the Chancellor, the building was purchased by Nicholas I to accommodate the Ministry of Post and Telegraphs of the Russian Empire. Since 1924, it has housed the Museum of Communications. Alexander Popov, along with Marconi and Hertz, ranks among the inventors of radio. However, nowadays we can’t think of communications without space technologies. The relevant exposition is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the rebuilt building, that is, in two spacious atriums.

It features models of satellites and orbital communication stations, satellite phones, movie cameras designed for outer space, and replicas of message plates from the American “Pioneer” and “Voyager” spacecraft.


4 Pochtamtsky Ln., St. Petersburg
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the authentic geostationary satellite “Luch-15”. It weighs 2.5 tons and, with all its antennas and solar panels, occupies almost the entire atrium. In the 1980s and 90s, such devices performed a variety of space communication tasks.

How to get

on foot from the Admiralteyskaya metro station