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Kuznetsk fortress


Kemerovo Oblast
Krepostnoy proezd 1, Novokuznetsk
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Architectural symbol of the city of NovokuznetskIt is an outstanding example of military engineering art and the only fortress with stone and earth structures that has survived beyond the Urals.


Currently, the Museum-reserve "Kuznetsk fortress" occupies an area of more than 20 hectares. In addition to the Central object – the fortress-it includes historical, archaeological and natural monuments, including a real waterfall.
On its territory are located: military-defensive structures; Yakov Familtsev mine-the 1st mine of Novokuznetsk; "Devil's bridge" - a historical bridge over the waterfall stream.
"Kuznetsk fortress" is a place for official city celebrations, a favorite place for recreation of citizens and guests of Novokuznetsk, a territory for holding various events: holidays, festivals, concerts, sports events, forums and conferences of historical reconstructions, a mandatory point in the city tourist routes.
Expositions introduce visitors to the history of the region from ancient times, the culture and life of the indigenous population and the first inhabitants of the land of Kuznetsk on the materials of the excavations of the Kuznetsk prison, tell about the history of fortified lines in the South of Siberia and the fate of the Kuznetsk fortress. The Museum works with different categories of visitors from small companies to organized groups of tourists, with creative teams, schoolchildren and students, families with children, professional communities. In addition to classical excursions, the Museum hosts interactive classes, master classes, theatrical excursions, quests, and folk calendar holidays.


The fortress was built in 1800-1820 by the decree of Paul I, taking into account the latest achievements of military fortification of that time.
Located high above the city – on Voznesenskaya mountain-the fortress was part of a system of fortifications, the main purpose of which was to deter the aggressive plans of Qing China against southern Siberia. In 1846, the Kuznetsk fortress was removed from the balance of the War Ministry. Later, a prison for criminal offenders (Kuznetsky prison castle) was organized on its territory, which functioned until December 1919. On June 30, 1960, the Kuznetsk fortress received the status of a monument of Federal significance. In 1991, the historical and architectural Museum "Kuznetsk fortress"was established in Novokuznetsk. In 1998, 2008 and 2018, large-scale reconstruction works were carried out on the territory of the fortress. The half-bastions and the Passage tower were restored
, and the buildings of the Soldiers ' barracks and the Chief officer's house, as well as the Northern and southern marshes, were recreated on the site of the ruins studied by archaeologists.

Interesting Facts

The Museum hosts festivals and holidays:

Build your fortress." 06.02.2021. "Snow" holiday for friendly, family teams and labor collectives. Construction of fortresses made of snow and a competition for the largest, most original fortress with awarding of the winners.

"Maslenitsa festivities on the Kuznetsk fortress". 13.03.2021. A holiday with the participation of the folk group "Paraskeva Friday". Folk amusements and competitions, hot tea with pancakes, the traditional burning of an Oilcan-an effigy symbolizing winter, a General round dance and the meeting of Spring.

Military-historical festival "Kuznetsk frontier". 04.07.2021. It will be held as part of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass. An event with the participation of clubs of military reconstruction and masters of folk crafts from the Siberian region in the "living history" type.

Festival of the bard song "On the Kuznetsk fortress". 17.07.2021. The main concert of authors and performers – participants of the festival.

Interactive program for the 30th anniversary of the Kuznetsk fortress Museum-reserve. 14.08.2021. The event is held jointly with the VIC "Tomsk infantry regiment" and "Department N".

International jazz festival "Kuznya Jazz". July 2021. The event is held jointly with the Novokuznetsk jazz club "Helikon". The musical festival is attended by local performers, artists from all over Russia, countries of the near and far abroad.