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Memorial complex after pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR A. G. Nikolayev


Chuvash Republic
14 Parkovaya Str., Shorshely Village, Chuvash Republic
Phones: +7 (835) 2239027
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An unusual memorial complex in the birthplace of cosmonaut No. 3, a representative of one of the indigenous people of Russia. The exhibition features a landing section of “Vostok-3”, Nikolaev's personal belongings (including the ZIS car presented to him after the flight), space technology and kit.


It is impossible to imagine a map of Russia without many national autonomies of indigenous peoples. One of them is the small Republic of Chuvashia on the Volga. The Chuvash speak a separate language of the Turkic group, Dating back to the language of the ancient Volga Bulgaria. Andriyan Nikolaev, the 3rd space conqueror in the USSR and the 5th in the world, was also a Chuvash. In August 1962, he participated in the world's first group flight of two spaceships – his "Vostok-3" and "Vostok-4" Pavel Popovich. A memorial was created in the cosmonaut's small homeland: Nikolaev's garden (founded in 1962, trees planted by prominent visitors), the Museum of cosmonautics (established in 1972), the house-Museum of the Nikolaev family (traditional Chuvash hut), the stele "Rocket" and even the chapel-tomb, built on the grave of the cosmonaut in 2005. The exhibition includes the Vostok-3 lander, Nikolaev's personal belongings (including the ZIS car presented to the cosmonaut after the flight), space equipment and equipment. A separate exhibition is dedicated to Alexander Budarin, another cosmonaut from Chuvashia. Unique exhibits – flight logs "Vostok-3" and "Soyuz-9", filled with the hand of Nikolaev.


The Museum began its existence as a school Museum since the 14th of December in 1972 after the second space flight of glorious son of Chuvashia, a native of the village of Shorshely cosmonaut A. G. Nikolayev on the initiative of the Director of the school M. Gavrilov.
In 2001 the Museum moved to a new building. In October 2006, the Museum was renamed the Memorial complex of the pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR A. G. Nikolayev.

Interesting Facts

Memorial complex of the pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR A. G. Nikolayev includes:
Museum of cosmonautics;
The house-Museum of the Nikolayev family;
The chapel-burial vault at the burial site of A. G. Nikolayev;
Garden-Park after A. G. Nikolayev where there is the alley of cosmonauts and honorary guests;
A bronze bust of A. G. Nikolayev;
Stela "Rocket".