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Municipal Budget Institution of Culture "Local Lore Museum of Yarensk"

Yarensk Museum of Local Lore is one of the oldest museums in the Arkhangelsk Region. It was established in 1905 under the District School, and since 1903 it has been located in a unique building the "Spas-Preobrazhensky Cathedral", which is considered as an object of cultural heritage of regional significance. The expositions of the local lore museum cover the history of the Vychegda Region from ancient times to the present day. Various sections are devoted to paleontology, zoology, archeology, and ethnography. Currently, the museum's collections contain more than 19 thousand exhibits. A special place in the museum is occupied by collections of icons, sculptures and church documents.

Visitors are very interested in the permanent exhibitions located in the buildings of the Chapel and the Zemstvo Dispensary. The wooden chapel of St. George built in 1732 in the suburban village of Mikshin Gora was moved and installed near the cathedral (which is museum). It is used as an exhibition hall of the museum to recreate the rural life of the peasants of the Vychegda Region.

The building of the Zemstvo Dispensary was built in the early 20th century. The historical appearance of the building and the exposition "The Office of the Zemstvo Doctor" convey the atmosphere of the county town of Yarensk.


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