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State Memorial and Musical Museum-reserve of P. Tchaikovsky


Moscow Oblast
48 Chaykovsky str., Klin, Moscow region
Phones: +7 (49624) 2 10 50
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The Museum-reserve of P. I. Tchaikovsky - the first Russian memorial music Museum of the great composer.Here the domestic environment of the last years of the composer's life and his archive – the most valuable musical and literary heritage, library-are completely preserved.


The oldest memorial music Museum in Russia was founded in 1894 by the composer's brother Mikhail Tchaikovsky. Today it is a unique Museum complex, including a house with a fully preserved memorial setting, where the composer lived and worked, a memorial Park with manor buildings, a modern Depository, a concert hall, as well as the nearby demyanovo, Frolovskoye and Maidanovo estates.

The Museum's collection, which has more than two hundred thousand items, is one of the largest musical collections in the world. This is the composer's personal collection – manuscripts of his works, diaries, notebooks, epistolary heritage, library, photographs, works of fine art, household items that surrounded Tchaikovsky in the last years of his life, as well as a large layer of valuable materials that reflect the life of his music in space and time. The Museum also contains many unique materials on the history of Russian musical culture in General, related to such bright phenomena in the musical world as M. Glinka, S. Rachmaninoff, N. and A. Rubinstein, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, S. Taneyev and many others.


The opening day of the Museum is considered to be December 9, 1894 – the date of the first entry in the visitors ' book. It was created on the initiative of Mikhail Tchaikovsky, the composer's brother, who laid the Foundation for all the Museum's activities: preservation, collection, scientific work and popularization. In 1916, according to his will, the Museum was transferred to the Moscow branch of the Russian musical society. In 1918, the Museum was granted a certificate of protection.
On August 26, 1921, by a resolution Of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR, the House-Museum was declared state property.
With the beginning of the great Patriotic war, the main values were taken to the homeland of Tchaikovsky-to Udmurtia, to the city of Votkinsk. The Tchaikovsky house itself was occupied by the Nazis. However, two weeks later the Soviet army liberated Klin, after which the Museum was quickly restored and resumed its musical and educational activities. At the end of 1944, the evacuated Museum valuables were returned to Klin, and on may 6, 1945, on the eve of the composer's birthday, the completely restored Tchaikovsky house opened its doors to visitors again. It was the Museum's second birth.

Interesting Facts

Concert seasons in Klin introduce listeners to the music of different eras and styles, with the work of outstanding performers and young aspiring musicians.

Traditional music festivals dedicated to the birthday and memory of P. I. Tchaikovsky, the summer festival in the open air "Peter's name Day", annual solemn events of dedication to students of music schools and colleges — "freshman's Day", interactive programs "Christmas in the house of P. I. Tchaikovsky", "Maslenitsa in the Museum", "European night of museums", "Night of arts", educational programs for children – attract many visitors to the Museum.