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Museum of Arctic and Antarctic


St. Petersburg, Marata str., 24a
Phones: +7 (812) 713-19-98
Web site:
One of the largest polar museums in the world


Museum collection includes approximately 65 thousand exhibits. It presents archaeological findings and relics relating to the history of the exploration of the Northern sea route. Among the exhibits — the instruments and expedition equipment, manuscripts and maps. In the Museum collection there are photographs of many significant events in the Arctic and Antarctic, including the history of the world's first linear Arctic icebreaker "Ermak" (1899-1901), the activities of the Hydrographic expedition of the Arctic ocean (1910-1915), an expedition on the icebreaker "Krasin" to rescue members of Italian flight on the airship "Italia" (1928), the research of Soviet and Russian drifting stations "North pole" and the first Soviet Antarctic expeditions.

The collection also comprises the archives of famous polar captains, Soviet polar explorers, as well as the constructors of the first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" and the nuclear icebreaker "Arktika". There is an interesting collection of paintings and drawings, which is represented by the works of artists A. A. Borisov and N. V. Pinegin,Tyko Vylko and the students of the Institute of the peoples of the North, representatives of Soviet realism by I. P. Ruban, M. A. Kaneev, V. V. Fomenko and others, the works of the participants of the Soviet Antarctic expeditions N.I.Shvyrkov and V. I. Kostyrsky, as well as professional traveler F. Konyukhov. The Museum consists of three departments: "Arctic Nature", "History of research and exploration of the Northern sea route" and "Antarctica". In addition to the permanent exhibition of the Museum has temporary exhibitions devoted to the jubilee events in the history of the development of the Arctic and Antarctic.