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Museum "Home of Angels"

What do we know about Angels? That live in the sky, behind them — wings… And who was the first person to see the celestial beings? How did we know what they look like? Did Angels exist before the advent of Christianity? The image of Angels in the minds of people changed along with the development of mankind. Renaissance angels are not at all like the baby angels that became so popular in the heyday of the Baroque style. People divide Angels into heavenly and earthly, young and adult, light and dark. But what do they do? And in general-how to distinguish an Archangel from a Cherub?

The exhibits for the Museum's collection were carefully selected in such a way as to answer all questions about the infinitely interesting and so different world of Angels.

In accordance with the requirements of the Museum and all the exhibits are divided into thematic sections.

Angelic feelings.
You can often hear a loving spouse calling his wife affectionately — "My angel". There is a reason for this: Angels embody a pure, bright feeling. A large number of exhibits are dedicated to the theme "angelic love". Traditionally, these are images or sculptures of kissing angels — look and be touched! The excitement around these romantic figurines traditionally occurs on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Angels in history.
The exhibition describes in detail how the Angels changed during various cultural eras. After all, the Angels of the Renaissance are one thing, and the Angels of the Gothic era are quite another.

Angels are children.
Baby angels, cherubs, as they are affectionately called — they are widely used in paintings, souvenirs, and even on wedding cakes. And in the collections of the House of Angels, of course.

Angels are adults.
Not all Angels remain plump babies — some of them grow up and become beautiful representatives of the angelic family. Like Earth men and women, but with wings. The collection of the House of Angels will tell you how the heavenly creatures became more and more like people.

"Avant-garde" by the angels.
Society is becoming freer, and people are moving more and more boldly away from the canons of the visual arts. Angels are now represented in the form of rock stars, pop symbols — in a word, a solid avant-garde.

Angelic jewelry.
Fashion designers of different generations could not avoid the angelic theme in their collections. The House of Angels contains the most fantastic jewelry, accessories and wardrobe items with angelic attributes.

The angels are at your home.
Angels have long been present in the interiors of residential and non-residential premises: first in churches, then in registry offices, and then-almost in bathrooms. The exposition of the House of Angels presents amazing decor and interior items that give the everyday life an angelic flair.

Angelic attributes.
Wings, halos, trumpets, cornucopia — all the most necessary and original angelic things, without which it is difficult to imagine these celestial beings, are collected in a detailed thematic exhibition.


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