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Erzya Museum of Visual Arts


Republic of Mordovia
Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, Kommunisticheskaya str., 61
Phones: +7 (8342) 47-80-94
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Erzya Museum of Visual Arts has the status of a particularly valuable object of national and cultural heritage of the peoples of the Republic of Mordovia. The Museum presents the world's largest collections of works by sculptor S. D. Erzi and artist F. V. Sychkov.


The basic collections are the works of the classics of the national art culture: the great son of the Mordovian people, the sculptor Stepan Dmitrievich Erzi (1876-1959) and the "singer of the joy of being" graduate of the Imperial Academy of arts, painter Fedot Vasilyevich Sychkov (1870-1958). Both of these monographic collections, in fact, were formed by the authors themselves. In addition, the Museum stores the works of a native of Saransk, Academician of portrait painting Ivan Kuzmich Makarov (1822-1897). The Museum also has a collection of Russian art (icon, painting, graphics, sculpture XVIII-beginning. XX centuries.); the collection of Soviet and modern Russian art (painting and graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied art of 1917) is small in number, but always arousing the interest of specialists and viewers. XXI century); a collection of modern Mordovian art and decorative, applied and folk art.
Moses. 1932. Quebracho
The giant head of the biblical prophet is made of a single piece of South American kebracho wood-a capricious, unpredictable and very durable material. The impression of liveliness, variability of the sculpture is enhanced by the fact that the pupils of the sculptor are only barely outlined. Therefore, the observer, changing the point of view, always sees not only the direction of the gaze, but also the expression of the eyes. The dependence of perception on perspective adds even more expression.


The Museum opened on January 10, 1960 in the former building of the fire station and was called "Mordovian Republican art gallery named after F. V. Sychkov". In 1976, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of S. D. Erzi, a new building was built, since 1995 the Museum has been named after Stepan Erzi.

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